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#196: The Sign to Go After What You Want

What's the sign to go after what you want?

Is it a lightning strike?

Is it the approval of the people around you?

The sign to go after what you want is actually a lot more subtle.

It's in the obstacles that temporarily block your path.

In this episode you'll learn the signs that you are meant to keep going after your biggest and most impossible desires.

You'll also learn what you need to know to overcome the most daunting obstacles to getting what you want.

This episode will inspire you to grow into the person you're meant to become.


At this moment in time, there is a lot going on in the news. There's always a lot going on in the world, but our attention is being drawn to the atrocities in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, I recorded 4 episodes that address how our brain responds when our attention is being diverted to uncertainty and fear. I've linked to them below. They are as relevant now as they were then.


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