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If you feel overwhelmed by the demands of your practice and want control of your life, you're in the right place.

I help lawyers build the life and practice they dream about.

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"Dina teaches you the essential skills for balancing life and career that aren't taught in law school. These tools will be your armor against everything from external client demands to your your own internal thoughts and being your own worst critic.”  

— Kelley Dexter

If you want more freedom and peace in your practice and life, you're in the right place.

Coaching creates freedom and peace of mind.

Our law practices feel like we're driving a million miles an hour on a speedway.

It's a race to build business, meet deadlines, and somehow find time to get groceries.

We're taught this race is normal for a lawyer.

No one models anything differently, so we think stress and willpower are the fuels we have to choose from.

We even think stress helps us because we get more done when we feel it.

What's actually happening is that you're in fight mode (as in fight or flight). Adrenaline's kicked in.

Using adrenaline as fuel has long term consequences. Stress mucks up our engine causing us to feel pressure, but it also leads to health consequences.

We get more done using cleaner fuel.

We become more focused, make more time to do what's most important to us, and we have fun!

My clients learn tools that help them be more efficient at the office but also live more powerfully in their day-to-day lives.

That means making time for themselves and all the other things they used to put off.

We have a choice:

Pick the standard same-old gas for our sports car or choose the premium.

How can you upgrade your fuel?

By understanding how to create it on purpose with coaching.

If we fuel ourselves with stress, we burn out. 🔥

Coaching works on our thoughts to upgrade our fuel, so we don't crash and burn.

I've been through it, and you may be there right now.

If stress, pressure and anxiety are mucking up the works, you can make a change.

I can help you.

"When I started my business, I felt a bit defeated before I even got started. I felt derailed by outside circumstances. I also had a bit of a power struggle with my calendar because I work full time, and I’m growing a business as well; I didn’t think I had enough time to do what I wanted to do.

[Dina] helped me rule my calendar instead of letting my calendar rule me. I now approach my calendar with more authority and have more control over it. 

I began following through on my calendar and learned strategies to deal with those times when I didn't want to do what I placed on it. I began valuing the importance of each hour and each commitment I placed on the calendar.

That’s how a business is built: one hour at a time.

~ Jessica Swesey

“While I found Dina absolutely well-versed in coaching theories and practice, it's Dina’s intuition and empathetic style that immediately created the circumstances in which I could discuss my career and life goals with her…

"She immediately identified areas of growth and began sketching an outline of a coaching strategy in our first conversation…If you are thinking about your life, where you want to go, what seems to be holding you back, etc., I strongly suggest that you contact Dina and learn a bit more about her holistic approach to well-being and success!”  

– Jake H.

“Before coaching with Dina, I felt over-stretched, scattered and a bit like a people-pleaser…I had fear surrounding showing up and being myself. I felt like I needed to be someone else instead of myself to be successful. I also struggled with meeting deadlines.  

"After coaching with Dina…I see my self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns…I see where I need to dedicate more time when meeting deadlines, and I generally have better time management.  

"After a couple months I noticed that I created changes in my routine, and better boundaries for myself that allowed me to get up in the morning to meet my deadlines and stop doing things in areas of my life where I felt a bit resentful.”  

~ Karen W.

“Dina! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm going into the new year's work feeling much calmer than I was at the end of last year.”  

~ Leonie H.

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Aman shares what her experience on a Strategy Session was like.

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About me

I was working as a trial attorney when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29. When chemo seemed like a vacation compared to my legal practice, I used that diagnosis to fuel change in my life. I now coach lawyers who feel stuck, overwhelmed, or find themselves procrastinating on their dreams. That's where I was, and now I help fellow lawyers get to the other side to build thriving practices and lives.