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If you want to uplevel your life and your law practice, you're in the right place.

I'm Dina, and I help lawyers build the life and practice they dreamed about before law school.

Coaching with me creates freedom and peace of mind. It's your ticket to creating the life you want and didn't know you could have.

In law school, we're trained to keep our nose to the grindstone. The more we work, the more richly we'll be rewarded.

What that translates to in the real-world are late nights trying to impress partners, overwhelmed days where there's so much work you don't know where to start, and an underlying feeling of anxiety all...the...time.

It's a ball-and-chain you weren't counting on when you went to law school.

The more you work to get ahead, the further behind you feel.

It's not your fault you feel this way.

You've done what you were told was the "right" way to work.

Unfortunately, it's an outdated paradigm meant for factory workers that keeps lawyers stuck on a hamster wheel.

You'll break out of the unproductive habits the law teaches that are burning you out.

There's a reason over half of all lawyers (and 67% of female lawyers) say they're stressed out.

The legal profession doesn't take into account that lawyers are humans. Or that humans need more than work to sustain them.

The system is broken, and it's up to us to redesign it.

That's why I help ambitious lawyers break out of their old patterns and create better -- more productive -- habits. These habits help them super-charge their success without burning themselves out.

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Working with me will give you the skills you need to hit ambitious goals while vastly reducing your stress and overwhelm.

No one teaches us how our brain works and how to use it effectively.

Yeah, we learn how to memorize and regurgitate.

We even learn how to problem-solve for client work.

What no one teaches us is how to focus our brain in a way that reduces stress and makes us more productive at the same time.

You may notice that when you work under deadlines that you get more done.

A lot of lawyers tell me that they "need" that burst of adrenaline to get things done.

That "need" is an addiction -- just like addicts have a need for heroin -- that doesn't serve your long-term goals.

Using adrenaline to fuel your work is like using vinegar to fuel a car.

The quality of your fuel determines the quality of your performance.

If you notice yourself exhausted when you get home and too brain dead on the week-end to follow through with your plans, you're likely using adrenaline as your fuel.

To break this habit, step one is to understand how the brain works.

Our brains have neuroplasticity -- it's adaptive -- which means we CAN change our brain-based habits. We have the ability to change anything we want.

If you're used to using deadlines to get things done, then it's going to keep doing it until you create a new neuropathway in your brain that becomes more dominant.

A neuropathway is like the street you take to the grocery store.

You go the same way every time, and you probably don't even have to think about it. You just arrive without remembering what you saw on the drive there.

It's a habit.

Now imagine you want to take a different route to the grocery store.

You have to think about it. It takes more energy. You may default to the old route on accident.

Your brain is in the business of conserving energy for survival, so it likes to take the path of least resistance. It likes the most-used route.

What we do when we work together is create new neuropathways that override the old habit brain and create new habits that will get you to your destination easier and faster.

These aren't skills they taught us in law school, my friend.

Imagine your goal is a mile away on the other side of a muddy road through a thunder storm.

What you were given in law school and firms you've worked for was a horse and buggy to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

What if I told you that there's actually a posh Land Rover that could take you across that muddy road? You'd feel totally cheated that all you got a horse and buggy, right?

Once you get your brain coached by me, your life and achieving goals will be so much easier.

You'll never want to go back to the horse and buggy days.

My job is to make your journey from Point A to Point B as easy as possible.

No matter what kind of law you practice or what goal you're after, you'll learn the tools you need to succeed when you work with me.

You'll learn constraint, so you'll focus your energy on only the most important actions to build your practice, organize a hectic one, or start something new to pursue.

You'll learn how to honor your word to yourself instead of procrastinating or negotiating with yourself. Kiss guilt good-bye.

You'll feel invigorated at the end of the day instead of exhausted because you'll have a brain cleared of busy work that's instead focused on the most impactful actions to get you to Point B.

You'll feel at peace because you'll know how to create a boundary and honor it. No more resenting people because you said "yes" to something when you really wanted to say "no."

I'll be there with you each step of the way to help make your journey as easy as possible.

Over 6 months we'll meet each week to refocus your brain on what it needs most.

You'll get clarity on what you want, then we'll make a game plan to achieve it with ease instead of stress.

Doing that means working on your mindset. Your brain is used to doing things the hard way: hustle, hustle, hustle.

Mindset work doesn't mean that you're not taking action. It means that when you do take action, you're taking the most important actions instead of wasting time on the non-essential.

When we take the most important actions, we achieve our goals faster and with more ease.

In our sessions together, we cover topics most important to you each week in changing the brain-based habits you need to achieve your goals.

I always come to the call with a game plan to help get you where you want to go, but we can cover any topic you want in our calls.

We can't separate being a lawyer from the rest of our life. What shows up in our work life shows up in our personal life, and vice-versa.

When we work together, we help the WHOLE person and not just the lawyer.

If you want more from your life than toiling busily away at your desk, I'm your gal.

When lawyers work with me, they don't all start knowing what they want.

Some tell me what they do know is that they're unhappy. They feel a bit lost and don't know where to start.

Part of the work we'll do together is help you get laser-sharp clarity on what you want.

This is fun because you get a safe space to dream BIG and have a cheerleader in your corner who's been where you are.

It's also scary because part of your brain may be afraid that your dreams aren't "practical."

Been there. I mean, I left a 6-figure 15-year career as a criminal prosecutor to be a life coach!

Our brain tells us things aren't "practical" or "realistic" or the "timing isn't right" because it's afraid of failure. But failure only occurs when you give up.

If you're here, you haven't given up.

Overcoming fear of failure is one of the skills you'll learn when we coach together.

Overcoming fear isn't about being "fearless." It's about being scared and doing things anyway. It's about developing courage.

Once you know what you want, we do the work of creating focus and clearing up obstacles between you and what you want.

Those obstacles can be over-commitments, negative thoughts, or boundary issues. We work through all the mental balls-and-chains, so you can have the life you want.

Here are some of the dreams I help my clients develop and make happen:

  • practicing law remotely 3 months of the year in Ireland
  • boosting revenue by developing self-confidence to charge her worth and eliminating practice areas that no longer served her
  • adding a practice area without adding overwhelm
  • building a new business on top of a law practice while maintaining her billables
  • becoming a confident leader and equity partner in her firm
  • finding a new passion and leaving the law

That last one is what I worked on for myself. I'm in the trenches with you doing this same work to achieve my goals.

When we work together, you'll feel more powerful, free, and fulfilled.

When we work together, you'll build self-confidence, trust, and build a foundation to achieve anything you want now and in the future.

This sounds amazing, right?

Remember that muddy road between where you are now and where you want to be?

That muddy road represents all the fears and doubts you have that prevent you from taking the actions that get you closer to achieving your goals.

I'll help you navigate that muddy road, so your journey is as smooth as possible. You'll build the mental courage to do things you've never done before to cross it.

You'll learn the skills and get the tools you need to see the doubts and fears for what they are: illusions.

I'll help you calibrate your inner compass, so you can trust that you're going in the right direction.

Our work starts during our Strategy Session.

You can book your call with me below.

Let's do this!

You can have the life you want. Go after it one step at a time.

Step one: book a call with me.

Here's why lawyers love working with me:

"Dina teaches you the essential skills for balancing life and career that aren't taught in law school. These tools will be your armor against everything from external client demands to your your own internal thoughts and being your own worst critic.”  

-- Kelley Dexter

"When I started my business, I felt a bit defeated before I even got started. I felt derailed by outside circumstances. I also had a bit of a power struggle with my calendar because I work full time, and I’m growing a business as well; I didn’t think I had enough time to do what I wanted to do.

[Dina] helped me rule my calendar instead of letting my calendar rule me. I now approach my calendar with more authority and have more control over it. 

I began following through on my calendar and learned strategies to deal with those times when I didn't want to do what I placed on it. I began valuing the importance of each hour and each commitment I placed on the calendar.

That’s how a business is built: one hour at a time.

-- Jessica Swesey

“While I found Dina absolutely well-versed in coaching theories and practice, it's Dina’s intuition and empathetic style that immediately created the circumstances in which I could discuss my career and life goals with her…

"She immediately identified areas of growth and began sketching an outline of a coaching strategy in our first conversation…If you are thinking about your life, where you want to go, what seems to be holding you back, etc., I strongly suggest that you contact Dina and learn a bit more about her holistic approach to well-being and success!”  

-- Jake H.

“Before coaching with Dina, I felt over-stretched, scattered and a bit like a people-pleaser…I had fear surrounding showing up and being myself. I felt like I needed to be someone else instead of myself to be successful. I also struggled with meeting deadlines.  

"After coaching with Dina…I see my self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns…I see where I need to dedicate more time when meeting deadlines, and I generally have better time management.  

"After a couple months I noticed that I created changes in my routine, and better boundaries for myself that allowed me to get up in the morning to meet my deadlines and stop doing things in areas of my life where I felt a bit resentful.”  

-- Karen W.

Meet Nancy

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In my world, we celebrate successes. Celebration hardwires success into our nervous systems. Here are some of my clients' wins:

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What if I'm afraid I won't follow through on the work when we work together?

A lot of my clients come to me after reading all the self-help books, trying all the calendar systems, and listening to all of the podcasts.

They didn't do the work when they passively consumed materials, then they believe that they won't do the work.

I've been there. I've done the exact same thing!

Coaching one-on-one is very different.

I walk you step-by-step through the skills you need to develop to show up for yourself and follow though on the work.

It's a very different experience when you have an experienced coach seeing what's going on in your brain. That's the whole point of coaching: to have someone who can help you follow through by dissolving your limiting beliefs about yourself.

The good news is, you have evidence that you've already followed through on yourself in the past.

Exhibit 1: You went to law school! It was hard. You stuck with it for 3 years. And you didn't even know for sure that you'd have a job at the end of that hard work.

If you can do that, you can do anything.

✅ What's the time commitment?

First, I walk you through one 90-minute session where we clean out your brain and get what we need to move forward in our sessions together.

Then once a week we meet for 50 minutes over 24 weeks.

It's like having a personal trainer for your brain each week to keep your brain in shape.

✅ I have hearings that pop up out of nowhere. What if I need to reschedule?

Judges are going to do what they're going to do. We can reschedule sessions on an as-needed basis. Not a problem.

✅ Is it for me if I don't have a problem and just want to uplevel my life?

Absolutely. We'll take your life from amazing to mind-blowing!

✅ Do you coach men?

Yes! If you're a lawyer, I can help you.

✅ What topics do you coach on?

Anything under the sun. The way we do one thing impacts how we do everything, so it's natural topics other than the law come up too.

Here's some topics that come up when I'm coaching clients:

  • time management/overwhelm
  • business
  • employee/partnership relationships
  • self-confidence
  • people-pleasing
  • building a new practice area
  • hiring/firing decisions
  • leadership
  • hearings/speaking engagement jitters
  • difficult conversations with spouse/family
  • mother/father relationships
  • and so much more

Imagine upleveling your life starting next week.

You CAN have what you want.

I can help you.

Book a call, and let's go!

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About me

I was working as a trial attorney as a criminal prosecutor when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29. When chemo seemed like a vacation compared to my legal practice, I used that diagnosis to fuel change in my life. I now coach lawyers who feel stuck, overwhelmed, or find themselves procrastinating on their dreams. That's where I was, and now I help fellow lawyers get to the other side to build thriving practices and lives.

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