#97: Practicing Confusion

Have confusion over why you're not achieving your goals?
Is it what's happening in the world?
It might actually be about how you think about your goal.
Today you're going to learn the super secret thoughts that keep us from achieving ambitions.
We don't see them because we think they're facts, and then we fail ahead of time.
We don't even give ourselves a fair chance at getting what we want most.
The thoughts we have create emotions, and when we act in the world, we act from those emotions. We never make our most productive decisions from the unhelpful emotions. We have to learn to practice the helpful emotions and thoughts that create them before we can consistently be productive in our lives.
When I’m coaching people, I hear these a lot, so I don’t want you to feel that you’re bad or wrong for thinking these thoughts. There’s nothing shameful about them.
On this episode of Be a Better Lawyer you'll learn
  • Why our brains default to confusion and it's up to us to take charge
  • The sneaky thoughts we have that sabotage our goals
  • What thoughts we can think to reach our goals
  • The secret to moving away from your self-sabotaging thoughts

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