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#206: The Dark Side of Gratitude

Imagine your life – as amazing as it is – is just a 7 out of 10.

What might be possible for you?

We can often feel guilty for not feeling more grateful for what we have.

Especially if you’re a first gen lawyer, it’s easy to feel this way.

You have money, success, and all the things you think you're supposed to have to be happy.

Shouldn’t you be more grateful?

Maybe not.

In today’s episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast, you'll understand the dark side of gratitude.

Thinking we should feel more grateful can stifle us from becoming the biggest version of ourselves.

Discover whether you’re using gratitude to hold you back and indulging in the dark side of gratitude.

The boldest version of you is waiting to be discovered.

Let's go.


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