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#199: 5 Thought Errors Wasting Your Time

I have a treat for you.

You'll hear a special masterclass I did breaking down time-wasting thought errors that are preventing you from not only being more productive at the office but preventing you from being happier.

You'll learn:

  • what thought errors are
  • the signs that you're having thought errors
  • how to overcome these thought errors

These were lessons I needed to learn the hard way while I was building my coaching business on top of my full-time practice as a criminal prosecutor.

I'm condensing these lessons here, so you can benefit from what I learned.

You'll also learn about what coaching is, and how I help my clients make more time to do things like

  • build a business on top of their law practice
  • exponentially grow their practice without the overwhelm
  • have meaningful relationships with their partners and themselves

Listen in, and get exactly what you need to stop wasting time at the office and make time for what you want.



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