thrive mentality

#187: Thrive Mentality

We have our own personal ecosystem. Our body is an ecosystem that has needs.

What it needs to survive is pretty basic: food, water, shelter.

What it needs to thrive is a different story.

The reason I decided to coach lawyers is because I wanted to help lawyers move from survive mentality to thrive mentality.

For a lot of years, I was stuck in survive mentality. I was stressed out, I never seemed to have enough time, and I couldn't work hard enough or long enough hours to catch up.

My ecosystem was completely out of balance, so it's no surprise when I look back on those days. I wasn't eating well, exercising much at all, and I wasn't giving myself time to even think about what I wanted much less act on it.

Humans thrive when our personal ecosystem is in harmony.

To do that, we must address what's happening with the whole human and find out what it wants. Then we need to give those things to ourselves.

When we do, we're a different person. We feel more in control because we aren't in reactivity mode. We notice what we're feeling and what we're thinking. We take this way of being through our whole day whether we're at the office or at home.

Learn how to thrive at work and home in this episode.



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