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#186: High-Performance Mindset for Overcoming Obstacles

How do we adopt a high-performance mindset?

One of the ways is to look at how high-performers look at obstacles and overcome them.

Any time we want something, we're going to encounter obstacles.

It's how we think about them that determines whether we overcome them or not.

Each obstacle is a game.

Each game you play and win gets you one step closer to creating what you want.

In this episode you'll learn how to:

  • think about obstacles in the way high performance athletes do,
  • distinguish true obstacles from false ones,
  • uncover your specific obstacles, so you can knock them down one-by-one, and
  • overcome the biggest hurdle that you or any of us will face when it comes to creating a high-performance mindset.

I recommend listening to this episode a couple times. Just listening will help you make shifts in how you think and approach your obstacles.



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