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#188: The Codependent Lawyer

Are you a codependent lawyer?

Your first response will likely be to say “no.”

The word codependency has some negative connotations for us because it feels like a weakness.

Lawyers are anything but weak, right?

It has nothing to do with how strong you are.

Codependency is a way of relating to the world that we pick up subconsciously.

If you're a codependent lawyer, you probably don't even realize it because you've operated from that place since you were a child.

I didn't. And a surprising number of lawyers don't realize it either.

The codependent lawyer aspects of your practice are actually your superpower if you gain awareness of it.

Because then you can change.

The cost of not changing is massive.

It impacts not only your physical and mental health, but it influences the quality of your decisions, how your children related to the world, the amount of money you can make, and the legacy you leave behind.

When you address the codependent lawyer aspects in your practice, you can't help but change other areas of your life. The way we behave in one area is how we behave in all areas of our life.

That's why listening to this episode is so important.

Listen in to learn where the codependent lawyer may show up in your practice and how to start dissolving those tendencies so you can live more powerfully.




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