expanding, expanding into your vision, expanding into your vision for you and your practice

#180: Expanding into Your Vision for You and Your Practice

Expanding into your vision for you and your practice can be as simple as wearing something you're uncomfortable wearing or learning to be uncomfortable talking about your practice.

At the same time, it can feel like moving a mountain.

In this episode, you'll learn how you can begin expanding into your vision and be the boldest version of you.

I'll walk you through 5 indicators that you can expand your vision for what you want and give you lots of examples along the way to give you awareness about where you can stretch yourself.

Something I want to offer you: being uncomfortable and stretching yourself is much more fulfilling than staying where you are.

What we see around us is a pale reflection of what's possible for us.

Until we get another pair of eyes on our lives, we don't see what's around us. We just aren't aware.

That can be an awareness we get by reading an article, a book, listening to a podcast, or it can be more intensive like when a coach shows us blind spots.

We're like fish swimming in water. If you asked a fish what water is, they'd have no clue. It's their whole world. They're in it every day and don't have anything to compare it to.

When we believe the world we live in is what it is, we don't look any further than what's in front of our faces. We don't look past what's in front of us to see if there's another perspective.

The choices we make are a reflection of what we think about our world.

They tell us whether we're contracting like a turtle into its shell or expanding and moving ourselves forward towards our vision. Those choices are reflections of what we think:

  • of ourselves
  • people think of us
  • is possible for us
  • is expected of us

Fortunately for us, there's lag time between our thoughts and our choices. We can make choices that are more expansive if we learn to see our thoughts and intercept them before we make choices. The choices we make are often reactions instead of thoughtful decisions.

Doing thought work helps us exercise this muscle of seeing our thoughts before we react. This work helps you make better decisions for yourself and your law practice and it slows down the lag time, so you're not reacting.

In this episode, you'll begin dissolving those old beliefs and expanding into a bolder more expansive you.



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