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#175: Brain Management 2.0 – Predicting Outcomes

Predicting outcomes isn't our brain's forte.

When we're faced with decisions or new circumstances, our brain goes directly to doubt and fear.

It goes directly to doubt and fear because that's our brain's way of keeping us safe

If we have doubt and fear, then we won't take any new action, which assures our safety.

The problem?

If we don't manage our brains instead of them acting from default, we won't get closer to our goals.

We won't expand.

In this episode, I'm walking you through a case study of my client Nancy who almost missed out on seeing predicting the true outcome of a decision in her practice.

Nancy's brain did all the things a normal brain does: it wanted to go into doubt and fear.

When we worked through the brain management process you'll learn today, she was in a better position to make the best decision for herself and her goals.

Whether you own your own practice or not, you'll want to listen to how to predict outcomes in a logical and objective way that helps you stay out of your default brain whenever you're faced with a decision.



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