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#149: Overcoming Money Scarcity

We need to shake up our belief systems, and this episode is going to do that for you. No doubt!

We're talking about overcoming money scarcity.

If you've ever felt anxious about money or avoid looking at your finances, you'll want to listen to this episode a few times. The first time, your brain will probably want to shut off while it's hearing the new concepts I talk about. It's trying to numb out, so it doesn't feel any negative emotions.

What I'm teaching today helped me move out of money scarcity.

Even if you don't feel anxious about money, but you want to feel more abundant about money, this episode will give you insight into how you behave with money and what you think about money. It'll give you awareness of how you interact with it, and how that impacts your relationship with having even more of it.


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