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#154: Making Change Inevitable

Making change inevitable is possible.

We crave change, yet we tell ourselves it's hard.

It FEELS hard.

It's like there's brick walls we've built around us caging us in.

We believe those walls can't come down.

What if that wasn't true?

What if those walls could be pushed aside just like a butterfly instinctively leaves its cocoon?

When I was a new lawyer, I thought it was normal to stay late nights and weekends at the office.

I believed it was normal to think about my cases all the time and worry about what others thought about me.

I took these beliefs into my business, and they prevented me from growing — not only my business but as a person.

“Normal” doesn't lead to extraordinary results.

Normal leads to conformity and walking in place on a treadmill.

If you have a vision for your law practice and a vision for your future, it's time to break out of the norm to make them reality.

In today's podcast I'm sharing two principles for making change inevitable in your life and how you build your legal practice.

Striving to be just like everyone else practicing law isn't helping you.

Allowing yourself to change and become the person you're meant to be will.



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