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#155: The Willpower Problem (and Solution)

The willpower problem? Willpower isn’t helpful.

If using willpower creates short term results, but then you fall back into your same habits, the problem isn’t that you don’t have enough willpower.

We've been taught that willpower is the answer to everything.

😳 Eat too much? You must not have willpower.

😴 Stay up too late? Must have weak willpower.

😭 Check your email all the time? No willpower.

The solution is understanding how our mind works.

In today’s Be a Better Lawyer Podcast, you’ll learn why willpower hasn’t been your friend.

You’ll also learn how to create lasting change.

This is what I work with my clients on all the time.

It’s not about beating yourself into submission.

It’s about changing your frame of reference.

Change the way you think, and you’ll change your results.



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