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#153: Releasing Judgment

Beating ourselves up for screw-ups isn’t helpful.

What is?


We’re going to misinterpret people’s intentions.

We’ll make mistakes on cases or forget taking out the trash on trash day.

It’s okay.

Nothing has gone wrong.

It’s part of being a human.

Today on the podcast I talk about releasing judgments.

Not just releasing judgment about ourselves but releasing judgment about others.

If we can’t have compassion for ourselves, we can’t find it in us to have compassion for others.

There’s a reason we do what we do.

We each have a human brain with similar programming just like a computer.

Each one of us has had different input into our brains that create more or less reactivity to certain circumstances we see in the world.

For example, some of us feel more anxiety about spending money because of how we saw our parents behave around it.

Some of us don’t want to connect with our feelings because we were taught that was bad.

Some of us are afraid to sit still because we were taught that was lazy.

When we decide to have compassion for ourselves, we also discover that it becomes easier to change what we want to change in our lives.

Compassion is a skill I teach my clients.

It’s necessary to up-level your life, and you can get started by listening to this podcast.



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