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#235: Four Lawyers Talking Turkey

Today is Thanksgiving, so I thought it appropriate to share an episode with four lawyers talking turkey.

I'm sharing a fun conversation I had with Suzi Hixon and two other lawyers over on her podcast. Suzi interviewed me and two other lovely lawyers for her podcast Legally Blissed Conversations, and we talked about how high-achieving female attorneys push ourselves and tell ourselves we need to work harder.

This conversation is important whether you identify as male or female because we get so acclimated to the legal culture of grinding and burning ourselves out that we can’t always see another way.

There is another way, and each of us share what's made the difference in our lives and worked less while being more productive.

This episode highlights how attorneys are making a difference in their own practices, and we share some tips throughout the episode that will help you begin making that for yourself.


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