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#222: Time Management Coachapalooza

Time management for lawyers is essential.

Time is power.

A lot of people say money is power.

People with money buy time.

They realize time creates opportunities.

If you don't learn to use your time masterfully, you are losing opportunities.

Opportunities to:

    • build your business
    • connect with loved ones
    • change your future

Listen in to begin regaining your authority over your time.


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Thanks for listening, and I'll talk to you next week.

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Time Management for Lawyers

I am having a special event called Time Management Coachapalooza. And I'm gonna talk to you all about time and power in this episode. So let's go. Is time your friend? Most of us will say no. That time is not our friend. That we don't have enough time.

Time is power.

A lot of people say that money is power, but people who have money by time to be masterful with your time is going to give you opportunities. That's why people who have money buy time. It's because they are buying themselves opportunities.

That opportunity is to create something new, to create space in their life, to breathe, to think, to enjoy what life has to offer, to buy time, to be present with loved ones to buy time so that you can enjoy the simple delights of walking your dog and seeing — like I posted in my Instagram stories this week, cute little flamingos in people's yards or a snail races <laugh> on people's yards.

Time is the opportunity to change your life.

But more than that, it is the opportunity to change your life. Time was the gateway for me to create the life that I have. Now, if I did not learn how to be masterful with my time, I would not have been able to work full time in my job as a lawyer and build my coaching practice.

I would't have had time to learn the skills that I needed to learn to build a business. I would not have had this time for the space that I had in the morning to even think about what I wanted much less build that business. It created so much opportunity for me to create the life that I want. I see so many lawyers frustrated and irritated going through their life, feeling behind because no one has taught us how to use our time masterfully. And no one has taught us how we can make friends with time.

Time Management Coachapalooza is about giving you back your power.

And that's what I wanna do with Time Management Coachapalooza okay. That is the event that I am putting on next week, September 1st, it is going to be something that you will not want to miss because I will be coaching you one on one. And this is important because there's a lot of you. I talked to you've listened to the podcast, but you don't have a coach you've never been coached.

It's your opportunity to be coached.

This is your opportunity to get that and coaching when you do it is it's like, you know, if you're listening to the podcast and you don't have a coach, it's like listening to someone described to you what a bubble bath is like, you know, it's warm, it's got these really pleasant bubbles. It smells really delicious. It's very relaxing. That's what a podcast is. Coaching is the actual bubble bath it's stepping in. It's getting yourself soaking wet and feeling the impact of the warm water and the lavender aroma therapy happening. <Laugh> right. They're very different. It's the difference between hearing description of a massage and getting a massage. So that's why coming to Time Management Coachapalooza is so important. During Time Management Coachapalooza, we are gonna talk all things time management.

There is no question that you have that is too big or too small that you can bring to this event.

It is something that is incredibly important. And I can tell you that right now, because if time is power and time creates opportunity, then not being masterful with your time is creating an opportunity cost.

Opportunity Cost of Poor Time Management

It is costing you not learning how to master your time. It's costing you, the business that you wanna create, whether it's within your own firm right now, or building your own firm, or even creating a new business, it's costing you your dreams.

If you're telling yourself that you're too busy and that you'll do it later, right? That when you have time, when it's not the busy season anymore, then you'll sit down and you'll dream. You're gonna be putting that off indefinitely. I know this because that is exactly what would've happened to me. You're putting off time, spent with your family right now, where you're present. And you're not thinking about work all the time. You're not thinking about it on the weekends. And at nights you're not ruminating about it. Before you go to bed, you are not thinking about work while you're pushing your kid on the swing. <Laugh> These are the opportunity costs that we are missing, right? Like we're missing these things.

Create Opportunities When You Manage Your Time Masterfully

If we don't learn how to use our time masterfully. And I can tell you from working with clients, from coaching clients, that they have created opportunities for themselves by becoming masterful with their time there's clients who are taking two week dream vacations without their laptop, and coming back to the office without any worries, because they learned how to handle everything ahead of time. Because time management isn't just about being more productive.

Time Management is More Than Productivity

It's about trusting yourself and learning confidence. How you can set yourself up for success, time management. Isn't just about like doing more tasks and getting more done and making sure you get more billable hours, like, yeah, those are great. And you get to create a life using the skills that you learn with time management, confidence, boundaries, learning how to say no learning, how to ask for what you want, learning how to ask for help. It's all tied in with time management, my friend, this is what I learned.

Time Management is the Gateway to Change

This is why it was the gateway to everything that I ever wanted. It was the gateway for me to create what I wanted in my life and envision it, and then step through and be able to leave my law job and do a different business.

It's why my clients can do things like grow their solo practice and then take vacation.

It's why my clients can do litigation and take care of themselves at the same time. I just did this with a client.

The other day, we were talking about her trial, that's coming up and how the last time she was in trial, she recognized she was not taking care of herself. She hated life. And we worked through exactly what needed to happen for her to take care of herself. This is what can happen when you decide to be masterful with your time.

I have another client. Who's doing things like learning Korean on the side, just for fun. She would never have been able to do that before she prioritizes what's important to her. She goes to ball games. She does fun things and she's in big law, but she makes sure that she prioritizes herself. And she did that starting with time management.

I have other clients who have stopped watching TV so much and bringing work home from the office on weekends, just to stare at it all weekend and feel guilty that they're not working because learned how to manage their time masterfully. And that's what I wanna help you do in this Time Management Coachapalooza.

If you've never been coached before, this is gonna be so much fun. Because I get to talk to you one on one.

No Question is Too Big or Too Small

You're gonna have any question whatsoever. Whatever is going on. The stressors, whatever's creating overwhelm in your life, creating stress in your life. Anything that you have right now wants you to bring it to this call. I am going to help you work through it and learn to become masterful with your time. This is not like a pipe dream. This is what I have done to create my lifestyle. It is what my clients do to create the life that they love. It can be tailor made for you. And that's why Time Management Coachapalooza is gonna be so amazing for you. It's gonna be you learning the skills you need to take your life to the next level is gonna be you creating the opportunities that you want for your life.

Join Me if You're Feeling Stuck or Unclear What You Want Next

If you're feeling anything like feeling stuck or unclear about what you want next, and you feel overwhelmed as it is at the office, let's clear up some of that overwhelmed so that you have time to get unstuck so that you can begin thinking about and exploring what it is that interests you. You don't have to feel stuck. You don't have to feel overwhelmed. You don't have to feel like there's not a way for you to have a life outside of the law. And that's what I wanna share with you when Time Management Coachapalooza.

If you want to join this event, go to https://dinacataldo.com/222

That's where the show notes are for this episode. Sign up for Coachapalooza. It's Time Management Coachapalooza and it's gonna be happening on September 1st at noon Pacific. When you sign up, you were gonna get all the details on how to show up, live, what to do all of that good stuff. You're gonna get the link and you will get the replay when it's over. Okay? So for some reason, like, actually this is what I want you to do. And this is what I do with my coaching is if you show up and you get coached, I want you to go back and I want you to watch it because when you are being coached, sometimes you miss things, right? If and so it'll give you the opportunity to go back to the replay and to watch what was happening. And then if you can't make it, it's there for you.

Show up live and get coached.

And if you show up and you get coached, that's okay too, because you're gonna be able to see other people being coached. Other lawyers and your brain is going to change. Watching other lawyers get coached our brains, especially lawyers, right? The lawyers are, I attract in this podcast, your high achieving, you have a certain way of thinking about things. And so when you hear someone get coached, you're gonna get a new perspective. So what you're gonna get in this event is a new perspective on how to approach your life, how to approach the way your relationship is with time. And that is going to be extremely beneficial.

Even if You Don't Raise Your Hand for Coaching, You're Going to Get What You Need.

So even if you don't show up and raise your hand and say, Hey, I want coaching, know that you are gonna get something from this, know that you are going to come away, changed in some way. This is something that is going to be, it's extremely fun for me because I love coaching. I love talking to lawyers and hearing what's going on in their lives, but what's more important than me having fun is you getting that perspective that you need in order for you to change your life and time management is the gateway to change. I firmly believe that it was the biggest game changer in my life was learning how I was using time. What my relationship was time with time was, and then making the shifts that I needed. Didn't have to happen all at once. I just needed one shift to make the change.

I just needed one shift to help me see that change was possible.

I just needed that one thing, that tipping point to help my brain see what was possible for me. And that's the same for you. You just need that one tipping point. That's gonna change everything for you. So go to https://dinacataldo.com/222 sign up for Time Management Coachapalooza. This is gonna be so much fun. I'll see you there. And if you are ready to work with me, one on one book, a call with me. You can go to https://dinacataldo.com/strategysession and we'll get started. All right, my friend have a great week. Bye.

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