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#166: Allowing Possibility – Creating a Vision for Your Life

We can't dream big unless we allow possibility. If we allow ourselves to be trapped in our circumstances, we won't take the actions we need to take to make the change we want.

This episode is about allowing possibility, and I wouldn't be making the changes I'm making in my life right now if I hadn't allowed myself to be open to possibility years ago.

Allowing possibility let me have a tiny seed of a dream, and then nurture it until I could build the capacity to have what I wanted.

Our ability to open up to possibility directly corresponds to our capacity to have what we want.

That makes sense. We can't have what we want unless we know what we want…and what we don't.

We hold ourselves back from opening ourselves up to possibility.

I believe it's because doing so requires huge mental effort to override our hard wired primal programming — the need for love, safety and ease.

In this episode, you'll learn how to begin allowing yourself to open up to possibility and begin building the capacity to have what you want.



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