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#162: Committed Energy

When we don't have committed energy, we give up too soon on our goals.

When we don't have committed energy, we wish and dream, and when we don't get what we want on the timeline that we want or in the way we imagined it, we become frustrated and think we made the wrong decision. And beat ourselves up instead of taking action on our goals.

When we don't have committed energy, we allow the fears that we made the wrong decision, that we don't know enough, that we're not doing enough, that we aren't enough to spin us in our head and revel in procrastination instead of committing to what we want and getting it.

And some of us don't take action on our dreams at all because we haven't learned to generate committed energy.

We've committed to what we wanted before. We just forget that we have the ability to create it on purpose.

In this episode I'm going to break down what committed energy is and is not.

You'll also learn how to generate it on demand.



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