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#160: Debt v. Overspending

Does having debt make you cringe?

I used to think having debt meant I was bad.

Like I was a little kid who took mom's chocolate chip cookies from the cookie jar on top of the fridge without asking.

That thinking actually led to me creating more debt, not less.

I just kept stealing cookies!

When I saw how fearful I was to invest in my growth, I realized I had a skewed brain when it came to money.

I'd spent hundreds of thousands in my education but was scared to spend $10,000 on something that would make me at least 5 times that?

It didn't make sense.

This thinking kept me from growing my business, and it kept me feeling shame every time I thought about money.

When we feel shame, we're more likely to put off getting clean about money by looking at the hard data, making a budget, and sticking to it.

Uncovering my beliefs about debt, showed me how they kept me from cleaning up my money.

They kept me playing small in my life.

I found people who had thoughts about money that created more money and reduced my debt.

I practiced them over and over again.

I started making sense of my thoughts, and now I'm sharing them with you in this week's podcast.

Debt doesn't have to make you cringe.

It doesn't mean anything about you as a person.

Once your brain understands that, your growth is inevitable.



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