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#151: 8 Billing Mistakes Costing You Big Time

Whether you bill hourly or you set packages for your clients, today is going to be an eye-opener in terms of the billing mistakes you're probably making.

Ignoring the 8 billing mistakes I'm talking about today aren't just costing you money. They're costing you mental energy, time, and they're really symptoms of larger problems in your practice, which is how you think about yourself, your clients, your practice, and the value of the services you provide.

Let's say you under-bill one hour per week, and you're billing at $200 an hour.

That's $200 for one week you're tossing out the window.

For the month, you've lost 4 hours at $800.

Multiply that by a year, and you're missing out on 52 hours and $10,400.

Let’s face it: if you're under-billing by one hour a week, you're probably under-billing more than that.

How does losing $20,000 hit you?


It should.

But why do lawyers under-bill?

It's because of 8 common billing mistakes I'm talking about in this episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast.

Once you see exactly what's getting in the way of you billing your worth, you'll start getting it under control.

Billing can be easy, but first we need to see our blind spots and master them.

You can make billing mistakes a thing of the past.


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