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#131: Recent Breakthroughs

Think about your brain as a house. It has four walls, some windows, a couple doors, a roof.

It never changes size. It looks exactly the same day to day.

Then you decide you want  a bigger house.

You can add on rooms, but most people just move.

We can't move out of our brains though.

If we want to change, we have to decide that we're going to remodel. And it's going to be a big remodel if we want to live bigger.

That's what this episode is about: recent breakthroughs I've made to remodel my brain to keep up with where I want to go.

I'm going to tell you exactly what's been helping me make these structural changes.

The remodeling is happening fairly quickly because I've trained myself on how to construct my brain. I just needed some tweaks to help direct my energies in the right direction.

In this episode, you'll learn how you can do this for yourself.




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