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#147: Pursuing Happiness

Are you pursuing happiness?

When lawyers ask me how they can be a happier lawyer, they don't always like my answer, but they always come around.

Even the lawyers who think they're basically happy feel more fulfilled in their practice and their life once they learn the principles I'm covering in today's Be a Better Lawyer episode.

Becoming a happy lawyer or reducing stress isn't about finding your zen with lots of yoga and meditation (though I love all of that).

“Happy” is oversimplifying the human experience.

BE-ing happier and more fulfilled boils down to how our brain processes the world.

Most of us have no clue how our brain works, and we allow it to run the show.

If we don’t get a handle on our brain, it’ll make us feel like we’re suffering WAY more than we need to.

Buckle up for a wild ride inside our brain, and listen to today’s episode.


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