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#144: Bridging Cognitive Dissonance

When we're working towards achieving goals, we're really becoming a different person — the person who has exactly what we want.

Achieving anything we've never done before is challenging. That's why we do it.

Along the way, it's to be expected that we'll run into speed bumps.

If you've tried thinking new thoughts, but you're noticing that it's hard to believe new things, it's because you're having cognitive dissonance.

What is cognitive dissonance?

The first thing to know is that cognitive dissonance is not a problem.

It's a natural consequence of trying to change ourselves.

It's uncomfortable. Honestly, it feels like your brain will explode. It may even feel scary. That's a good thing. That means you're on the right track towards the change you want to make.

Today you'll learn…

  • how cognitive dissonance can interrupt your progress if you're paying attention
  • how to overcome cognitive dissonance and move closer to achieving your goal
  • examples of cognitive dissonance
  • what a Bridge Thought is
  • how to use bridge thought to help you overcome cognitive dissonance

Being uncomfortable is part of moving towards our goals. Don't let the discomfort prevent you from creating what you want to create.



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