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#123: The 6 Biggest Game-Changers in My Business & Life

What's a business game-changer?

When we pay attention, we can begin to see how we're wired and how we can rewire our brain to get the results we want.

Most of us think that inspiration for change will come from an outside source.

Actually, we must to decide to change. Until we change, we know we haven't decided.

On today's podcast, you'll learn the biggest business game-changers for me.

Once I went all in on myself, these internal practices changed me from the inside out.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • one unexpected change that made the difference in my business and my clients' law practices (it's #6)
  • how I managed my mind around the time I spent in my legal practice and my business (#1)
  • a simple way to feel better about yourself (#3)
  • a different way to think about networking for lawyers(#5)
  • a tool to sleep better (#2)

Here's a list of the resources mentioned:



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