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#124: Rewiring Your Lawyer Brain to Relax

#1 problem I hear from lawyers?

They can't get their brain to turn off.

When they try to sleep, their brain runs through all the things they did wrong during the day or turns to the to-do list they have to get through tomorrow.

When they're spending time with their partner, they're thinking about the office, their to-do list and feel like they have to check their e-mail to stay on top of work.

And when they're trying to get focussed work done, their brain wants to go into overwhelm and tell them that they have a ton to do, so they better hurry up!

When you’re a lawyer with your own practice, you can add on to all of these things keeping you up at night the worries of building your practice and paying employees.

Let’s also not forget that right now, there’s a pandemic.

Our brain has a LOT of thoughts about the world.

You can probably see that not knowing how to rewire our Lawyer Brain is a huge problem costing us…

⇒ productivity
⇒ peace of mind
⇒ our relationships
⇒ and our sense of well-being

But how do we do that when we have all of these thoughts running through our brain?

I walk you through the process of how you can begin rewiring your lawyer brain to relax.

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