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#102: Fierce Self-Love & Calendar Resentment

No one talks productivity in terms of love. Let's change that.

The truth is: you can get more done when you love yourself fiercely.

Right now, your brain is heightened. You've got more on your plate than you've had in forever. And this is the PERFECT time to check in with yourself.

How your brain thinks is more visible than ever. Use this to your advantage.

Ask yourself: how does your life look differently when you love yourself fiercely and put yourself before everything else?

I'm talking about a concept counter-intuitive to someone who's a workaholic. Like say…a lawyer.

Does it feel like a strange thought? Does it feel wrong for you to think about how you can love yourself more and get more done?

That's cognitive dissonance. That feeling means your brain is already starting to put different connections together.

I can hear you thinking, “Well, that sounds nice, but doesn't that mean scheduling massages and making it to the gym regularly? Who can that do that now much less before all this?” And “how do we do all of that and still get everything done needs to get done in my practice?”

I answer these questions and more in this week's Be a Better Lawyer Podcast.

Listen in to hear how thinking differently will help you create more of what you want in your life and less of what you don't.


Episode #78: 3 Calendar Mistakes Costing You Time

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