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#101: 8 Lies Your Probably Believe That Are Costing You Time (and Money)

There are 8 lies that permeate our lives from childhood to adulthood. If we don't recognize them for what they are, they'll hold us back from achieving our goals. They're insidious because they “feel” true. They only feel that way because we've been told them for so long.

Today you'll learn about:

  • The Motivational Triad
  • How time really works
  • 3 things we were taught in elementary school that don't serve us now
  • and more…

Listen in to begin designing your life to create what you want rather than continue living a life you were told you were supposed to be happy with.


Lawyer's Quick Start Guide to Getting 5 Hours Back This Week – free PDF

Episode #86: Wisdom for Living Bigger and Better

These episodes will help you get a head start on processing your emotions. Based on my personal experience and my experience coaching other lawyers, we seem to cut ourselves off from emotion more than a lot of other people. These will help you get reconnected, so you can begin finding the ones that aren't serving you and understanding the ones that will fuel your successes. I suggest listening to them in order.


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