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#84: Taking Action on Your Goals

Are you taking action on your goals?

We don’t evolve by sitting still. We have to get in motion.

There’s no amount of “thinking about” getting started or waiting until you’re ready.


You have to get started and see where life takes you. 


We often confuse not being perfect with failure, but the only real failure is not deciding to take action. It’s waiting until we think the time is right. And of course, it never is.


No regrets, people!


How many people are you helping when you wait to put your work out into the world? Absolutely zero.


We’re gonna talk more about how to work through this in today's episode. So listen in. 


One more thing:


One of the things I hear a lot — and this used to be something I struggled with — was finding the time to make progress towards a goal. If this sounds like you at all, I invite you to download my free Busy Lawyer’s Quick Start Guide to get 5 hours back each week.


It will help get you on track to creating more time in your life, so you can do the mental work you need to do to make your goals a reality. Because goal setting and creating is all mindset work. But we can’t do it unless we make the time for it. You can get it here.





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