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#85: 9 Social Media Mistakes Costing Lawyers Money (and Loyalty)

This episode is more than about talking about the 9 social media mistakes costing lawyers money.
I created this episode in the hopes to promote connection with yourself or your law firm with your client. I believe that each of us is on this planet to serve. If you don't connect with people, you can't serve at your highest level.
In today's podcast, you'll learn:
  • the key to creating connection
  • how to improve your performance in the social media algorithms
  • my pet peeve that I see in a lot of social media sites
  • examples of the best social media connectors out there
  • pitfalls to avoid when it comes to social media platforms
  • the ONE thing you must do if you're not getting engagement


Once you begin implementing the antidotes to these mistakes, you'll find yourself connecting more meaningfully with your ideal clients.

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