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#24: Permission Granted: Navigating Expectations & Creating a Life You Love with Lawyer and Coach Tavish Williams

Today’s episode may bring back flashbacks for those of us who went to law school. 
But this episode isn’t just for the lawyers out there. It's for everyone who’s felt confused or weren’t sure they were living the life they were meant to lead. 

If you know anyone considering law school, you may want to share today’s podcast with them. It will give them food for thought when considering where…or whether…they go to law school.

My guest today is Tavish Williams. She's a lawyer and the author of the blog the Bright Side of the Sun where she coaches career driven women through stress, overwhelm, and establishing better self-care routines. 

Her story is one about a woman navigating the world — and not just where her travels took her. It’s a story of navigating expectations, disappointments, the stresses a legal career can create, and finding a way through It all that worked for her.

We talk about everything from the lack of diversity in law school, her experience in the legal world, our perception of failure, as well as her 6 tips for reducing stress in our lives and increasing productivity.
One of those tips is one I’ve talked about in depth in episode 22. It's one of the pivotal self-care strategies Tavish talks about. Spoiler alert: it’s journaling. I’m including a free guide in the show notes that walks you step-by-step through my journaling process and gives you some templates to make it easy to start now. You can get it by clicking this link.


A big thank you to Tavish for taking the time to chat with me this week! 

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