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#23: Why You (really) Can’t Find “the One” with Relationship Expert Raeeka Yaghmai

Are you smart, successful and hot but still can't find love?

Do you ask yourself: am I intimidating? Are all the good men taken? How can I find time to date when I'm so busy?

My guest today debunks dating myths and will set you on the path to finding love.

Raeeka Yaghmai is the founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence™, a certified life coach and a dating and relationship expert for single women. She helps savvy, smart, and high-achieving single women who have created success in many areas of their lives (but not in their love lives) to stop the repeating patterns of dating the wrong guys, connect to their self-worth and value to feel confident and sexy so that they can attract quality relationship-ready men, and finally create the love lives they desire. 

She's Iranian-American, so she also specializes in helping Eastern and Middle Eastern women navigate dating in Western culture. Raeeka coaches women virtually by phone or Skype all around the world through private sessions, group classes, and do-it-yourself online courses. She’s been featured in Your Tango, Blog Talk Radio, Bustle, Elite Daily, and more. 
She’s also a professional opera singer. How awesome is that? She talks about her experience in the classical musical industry, which was fascinating to me because many of her experiences mirrored my own as well as the experience of lawyers I’ve talked with about relationships.


I'd like to give special thanks to Raeeka for joining me on today's show. I had a blast talking with her; she has the distinction of being the first guest who required a parental advisory at the start of the show! 🙂

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