All of us have roadblocks, but they're usually blind spots. Carollyne Corner helps us discover how to recognize our roadblocks in your business & relationships and work through them. I've also included a special meditation package to help with working through blocks.

#8: Recognize Roadblocks in Your Business & Personal Life (and bust through them!) with Carollyne Corner

Today we're talking to Carollyne Corner. She talks to us about how we can discover our roadblocks to success in our business and personal lives, and let's face it, whether we know it or not, we all have roadblocks, so you're gonna want to listen in to what she has to say.

She was amazing. She was so charming to talk to. You're definitely going to want to grab a cup of tea, sit back and relax. As she tells us stories about synchronicities that show up in her life and how following her intuition has influenced her life.

Following an inspiring training with Sonia Choquette, who's a celebrated spiritual teacher and best selling author, Carollyne knew that her talents in the world are urgently needed and Energy Economics was born. Using Energy Economics, Carollyne detects what's holding her clients back in life and in business. With a degree in business school from HMZ in Switzerland and over 25 years of experience successfully growing businesses, Carollyne has used her business acumen and skills as a psychic medium to help grow several million dollar companies in only a few years.

But Carollyne doesn't stop there.She looks at her clients holistically, helping them make conscious decisions to grow personally and professionally in a healthy and fulfilling way. She lives in Switzerland with her beloved family and Coco their dog and she can be found with her nose in a book and a proper English tea in her hand. Hope you have your tea. Let's listen into our conversation.



Dina Cataldo:  Hi All of us have roadblocks, but they're usually blind spots. Carollyne Corner helps us discover how to recognize our roadblocks in your business & relationships and work through them. I've also included a special meditation package to help with working through blocks.. How are you doing today?

Carollyne C.: Thank you very much. Fine. Thank you. Thank you for having me here.

Dina Cataldo: Of course. Thanks for being here. So first thing, I would like to just ask you to introduce yourself. I know you work with entrepreneurs. I know you're living abroad. Could you just kind of give our listeners a taste of who you are?

Carollyne C.: Yes. Thank you. I'm living here in beautiful Switzerland. I was born here and raised. I went off to be more adventurous in my very early 20s and I lived in London for quite awhile and I absolutely fell in love with people there, living there and Great Britain in general. I came back here and I started to help in developing businesses. I was in finances and HR and I just felt I had to do something more that is more inspiring for me and more me. While I already was working at the last company as head of the finance and HR, I sort of introduced my special way of working which also including my intuitive side and just hitting on the inspiration and following that up and I saw massive results for that company and I just had the feeling I have to do with something that helps others to be more open and to be more inclusive. So I started to work as business coach with a certain twist and I founded Energy Economics.

Dina Cataldo: I love it. Energy Economics. I know that you have energy retreats where you work with some clients and I found those fascinating, so maybe we could talk a little bit about those too. So when you started working with business clients, which kind of people do you work with?

Carollyne C.: I have to say they're mostly women, but I have some wonderful male clients too. But they're women, high achiever, mostly creatives. Very good at what they're doing. In a way, these entrepreneurs or just in very high positions and they just feel somehow not fulfilled or they feel that they sort of hate somewhere and just can't push forward and may have tried other conventional business coaches or went in to masterminds or went to just sort of sought to tackle it but still felt something's missing and they ended up at my doorstep, which is lovely. They're not the kind of people you would expect and go do something that too woo-woo. Definitely not. Those are just regular, very special, modern, bright, inspiring women.

Dina Cataldo: Can you talk about any of the people that you work with?

Carollyne C.: Yes. I suppose I haven't asked them specifically, but as like Sarah from Public Persona is all over my website, I suppose I can talk about her, that little path up to more testimonials as my team weren't able to do that. Maybe by the time it's there, who knows, that I could have talked about them. But yes, I have very, very wonderful clients. Some of them really huge in their markets and in their industry. Sarah is extremely talented brand manager and she just does wonderful branding for a lot of huge companies that are in the online world but also in the physical one. So you can Google her. Kristie Turly  who has a company, her husband is a marketer. I just basically started working also with someone … I don't know. I don't want to … Just really fabulous women.

Dina Cataldo: I know that you can't talk about all of them because you want to protect their privacy. So I appreciate that, but it's nice when some people who are familiar with the business world, online business world may recognize their names and just kind of have an understanding that you do work with very successful women.

Carollyne C.: Yes.

Dina Cataldo: So when we were talking before this podcast, we were talking about people search for a way to get past blocks. They may not even know that they have these blocks. They go to masterminds where there's groups of people who are talking to one another, attempting to gain a better understanding of how they can move forward, trying to harness the intellect of that entire group and try to propel themselves forward. There's one on one coaching where you're talking and working with a business coach to attempt to move your business forward. My question to you is, how can a person figure out like, “Hey, I'm hitting a roadblock. I don't know that I'm doing the right things,” because a lot of times people just keep repeating the same behavior over and over again, not recognizing that they could benefit from some help. Can you kind of tell us maybe some ways someone might be able to recognize when they are running up against these roadblocks and they need help?

Carollyne C.: Yes, of course. I just want to first say that I think masterminds and one on one coaching is a wonderful thing. It just sometimes doesn't work for or doesn't bring you as far as you hoped you're going. Well, one thing to recognize that is definitely if you're not successful or unhappy. So that could be you're successful money wise, but you feel like the clients you work with are very demanding or pushing your boundaries constantly and you have a very hard time saying no to them or out of fear of losing them which is natural. It could be something that have been very successful and then suddenly you just hit the block and you don't even realize, but you, your list is not responding to you or you're just not selling and you don't know why. You look through it structurally and you think, “Well, I've done this and I've marketed the right way and it's a good product. I think it should sell. It's tested and I think people could really benefit from that.”

But somehow it's just not selling and in that case it could be maybe something you're not voicing. Some things blocked in you so you cannot reach that ideal client. Maybe you're not so clear about their avatar even though if you are and then there's some thing's missing there and you kind of feel it because you get these feedback. It's not selling. Something else could be in private life. It doesn't have to just show in business, if go to work and it's successful, but you're not happy with it. You feel out of breath, you feel energetically, you just can't give them more. You have probably given far too much already. You could be personally in a sense that you're not comfortable with your life in general, with your relationships.

Dina Cataldo: On that topic, there is actually someone that I know personally that is drained right now in both their business and their personal life but they won't reach out for help. So they keep meaning to but they don't have time. They don't have time. They're very busy. So after you've completed that or maybe you could touch on this now, what would you recommend to someone who's listening to this, who those words may resonate with them, not having time, being too busy, what would you say to them to propel them to get the help that they need?

Carollyne C.: Well, I would say something to you who looks at that and sees that and I would say give them time and they may have to feel even worse [to reach out. We can't change others. We can help others in a way. We can lead by example. It's sometimes the hardest thing to do, someone you really love and respect and see that they're struggling and you could drop a hint or two and say, “Well, it will be lovely to have help you. I see you're struggling,” but you can't do it for them and just be confident that they have everything that it's needed to step up and help themselves.

Dina Cataldo: I totally agree with that. I love hearing that because it may be that you're seeing something happening and you would like to reach out and maybe you could just leave that door open and just say, “Okay, well. I'm available for you whenever you need me,” and then when they hit rock bottom is what I like to call it, that was what happened to happen to me before I reached out. When you hit rock bottom, then you will find a way to reach out.

Carollyne C.: As I said, leading by example. If you look after yourself and have a soulful lifestyle so that you know who you are and stand up for yourself and stand into the things that you believe in, will show them and feel happy and relaxed and balanced. That will show other people how life could be and that's as far as you can go and they can reach out and say, “How did you achieve that? Wow, you look so happy. You seem to thrive in your business. That's amazing.” You say, “Okay, look at this and this and this. I don't know if it's working for you, but I think you may need some help,” and they can do it or not. Be confident in them to be totally able to do that and maybe you'll see them at the rock bottom, you described rock bottom, but they may even … It's not their rock bottom. You can't really do something for someone else. Just lead by example and be there if they need you and that's all we can do.

Dina Cataldo: I love that. Did you have any other tips for people who may not yet recognize that they might have a block? Were there any other things that you wanted to share with us?

Carollyne C.: Well, we all have roadblocks. You definitely have. We do have lots. Really depending on how we manage to get along with them. Some of the things that just … We all live in a society, we've been brought up by parents or people who offered to bring us up. We went to school, we had friends. Everything is influential to us as a child, as a human being, as a grownup. We just are influenced by the outside and that's … Not just by this outside, by going back in lifetimes and the other stories that we have and take with us. So what we come with is a canvas that's not really totally blank. What we get here is just a lot of patterns, families behaving this and that way.

Seeing stuff that's happening and either thinking, “Wow, I want to do that different or other or the opposite,” then later years find out the opposite is not the right thing either, so there is so much that you're [inaudible 00:15:09]. But some of us just seem to be able to have that coping mechanism or overcoming a block and there's so many different ways to do that. But I think when you feel cannot, you  feel out of touch for yourself, you cannot express yourself as much as you would like to in your business or in your private life. I have clients, I work with clients and some of them just wish to be in a partnership and just have a partner, find love and we did, I can show you we worked on…

[inaudible 00:15:48], she came out, every time we had a session here and every time we work on something else and after nine months, she was happily in love and she's still together with him and they have this great relationship and it's a perfect plan. So we were not working at how to find love, we were working on how to love yourself and what's lovely about yourself and what can I do to improve my life to be really happy. Happy, loving people attract others into their life. That's how it works. So there are so many different ways people come and seek help, not just through me, but through coaching, [inaudible 00:16:29], groups, masterminds and there are so many ways that are working.

Dina Cataldo: That's something that, because we've focused a lot on entrepreneurs and maybe people who have a business, but when we're talking about someone's personal life, it may seem a little bit of a stretch for some people to feel like they should or could reach out to somebody who has like a coaching business or something like that to get that help, to make those shifts that they need. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, how do they come to you? How do they find you?

Carollyne C.: I think most of them I must say, have found me through referrals, which is great. They've just been talking to each other, telling their friends, saying, “Wow, I have this amazing realization which I couldn't have done without and now my life or my business is moving forward,” and then they say, “What? I want that too.” So I think that's definitely how they found me. I have, I must say, first of all, I have as many people who come for private issues because I'm also working in business.

I have just as many people coming in for private reasons and if you think about that, if someone comes and has a business problem, it's always getting personal because again, there can be team issues, we look at the business, there can be team issues, there can be other things, but in the end, the blocks that you'll hit and that you can't sell something or you can't create that product that you want to or you don't find your storyline, that all has to do with yourself.

Dina Cataldo: So basically if it's business, it's personal.

Carollyne C.: In the end, it's personal. Yeah. Yeah. Never had another case.

Dina Cataldo: Yeah.

Carollyne C.: Or it's just affecting both. It's manifesting through your business and it's then healing within your business and your personal life, which is like a double bonus.

Dina Cataldo: Yeah. Well, what would you say to somebody … I'm going to give you a hypothetical, I just want to get a feel for how you would work with somebody and give listeners a feel for that. Let's say somebody has launched an unsuccessful product, whether it's online, whether it's a physical product, and they term it a failure because it didn't meet their expectations, whether it just sold a few or none. They had a list. They were able to try to sell to that list and they felt like because it was an unsuccessful launch in their terms that they didn't really feel like relaunching it. That they didn't feel like there was a way to really move forward with that same product. How would you talk to them?

Carollyne C.: Well, I would first say that we have to first look at it carefully before just throwing something out completely. We have, actually, a saying in Swiss German which says don't throw out the baby with the wastewater. Don't throw out everything. So, not just the water, but the baby, too. So, be careful. Just go back and go systematically through it. Go through it, do beta testing, and this is the technical stuff that you can do. Find a few people that would like to test it. See where you feel unsure. See where the uniqueness of the message maybe failed. Because how many people use ready-made templates. This is the funnel you'll be successful with. That's probably a funnel someone was very successful with, but that was their funnel. And their way had to promote it. And there are so many ways that you can do something, but it has to be your way. Has to be unique. Your soul essence has to be in that. And that's often when something's not selling that's the case.

So, going back to what I would do is, of course, finding first what they're really good at. Their true talents and reconnecting them with this intuition that we all have. They have to listen to themselves. Go from there.

Dina Cataldo: How would you move a person into action to do that? Because those technical things we … business owners know them, I mean, if you've gone through even basic online teachings, you know to go through the technical stuff, but then to move someone into action, that's a different side of things. How would you talk to someone who just knows all the technical stuff, but just hasn't taken that action yet?

Carollyne C.: Well, if somebody starts working with me, what I first do is I really tune into them energetically in any sense that may want to describe that. And just see who they are at soul level. What are their true talents? Which kind of essence to they have to integrate to be successful? What do they want to show? And it's not about … often we say, okay, this and this product made so much and so much money that's why it's successful. And I would say, forget about the money because you cannot be successful if you're not soulful. So, what does light you up really? What makes something special for you? What kind of product would you show up to every week and every day just to sell it because you love it so much? If you would do that for free. If you would do that, then you have so much power and passion for it. This is working.

So, finding those things [inaudible 00:22:06] alignment with it. And then I would go through and just seek for obvious blockages. Often it's a feeling. It's like a program. Old family patterns or ways of behaving that we just saw or took over or created ourselves after being hurt, after being not successful in one thing. That's just the way to react to it. And just learning new ways with them. And that's the next step. After working with them for the first step and see what's here, what's in the now, see how to bring it into the future. Learning new ways of dealing with all kind of things.

Dina Cataldo: I loved what you said, you can't be successful if you're not soulful. I love that. And that's part of the reason why I started this podcast is to talk about a roadmap to living. And I call it Soul Roadmap because that's at the heart of things. That's how I look at it, anyway, is energetically. How do we feel? And really getting into those feelings. What are some tools that you suggest for somebody who's listening who wants to start trying to dive into those feelings. To try to excavate some of that?

Carollyne C.: Well, I love that you bring that system up. Our biggest tool are feelings. If something feels off, go and look at it. Something can hold us back. Big things like fear. Fear creeping in. And if that's happening, there is a big opportunity to look at that fear and really ask yourself is this realistic? Is it a fear that really is threatening me right now? Or is it just something that I assume could happen some day in the future which I don't really know yet if? So, is that something I really have to worry about and take care and protect myself or is that just a little possibility that could take me somewhere around the next couple of roads that I'm going to take? So, just facing that fear and really looking at it and finding out is this threatening right now or is it just in my head? Is it just something that out of the essence of my life, or my family life, or whatever, this is just a fear that creeps in again and again.

So, looking at that and then go, okay, I can let go of this. This is not at the moment really threatening. Take your hand and put it on your heart and breathe really deeply and just feel. I'm in the here. I'm in the now. This is who I am. Okay. I feel I'm not really happy with the way that [inaudible 00:24:58] right now or the product didn't sell. What are those feelings that come up? Do I feel I failed. Just go through that. Was it fear that was holding me back? Was I really me or did I put something in that product or in that funnel just because I thought this would be the thing that's needed, but I didn't really feel that's me? Is there something that I feel is off about the situation? Those are little things, but often … and that's a tool I would love to share with your listeners. I love that tool. It's not so much finding out what keeps you [inaudible 00:25:36], but it's empowering yourself. And all of my clients will do that.

And so many women have a lack of self-love. This is a block that so often comes up in our lives. And then you're also a mom, and then you share your love with a family, and you protect your children, and then you also run your company or at least go out for work. And then you just have to juggle and often we women put ourselves very much behind the rest of the loved ones that we have around. So, self-love and self-empowerment. There is a little tool that I'll teach everybody. It's while you brush your teeth in your morning. You just think spontaneously of five things that you love about yourself. And you have to find five things. It's non optional. This should be fun. And it's just something that comes to you. I love how I'm tired this morning. That really tells me I should look at my sleeping pattern. It could be the oddest thing. You just appreciate whatever is in the moment.

Dina Cataldo: I like that. I think there's so many times when I have to remind myself to be in the moment. One of those is when I'm brushing my teeth 'cause I'm thinking, okay, what do I have to do next, what do I have to do next. That's wonderful. I might use that.

Carollyne C.: That would be wonderful. You can take it even further. You can pick one of the five subjects and say, I'm gonna dwell on this and put more positive thoughts behind that one thing. I feel really inspired today. I just feel in a way that I think this is gonna be a gorgeous day. And then you go, oh, wow, I think I probably have a brilliant idea today. I think I just kinda feel work will just flow and then you'll keep going for a minute. Give that much energy that one thought. And that's uplifting.

Dina Cataldo: Yeah. I mean, that's something that if we work on incrementally like that, we can really have a positive affect in our life even just a little bit down the road. You're saying using that positive spin, saying positive things about, oh, hey, I'm having good energy around that. I have this idea I wanna work on. I think ideas are going to flow from me naturally today. Whether or not you believe that it's true or not, just start creating that positive string of thoughts and that really has an impact on our brain. ‘Cause our brain doesn't know what's real and what's not real. I mean, we're feeding it.

Carollyne C.: Yeah. And it's just a thought line. This is your expectation. Life may tell you otherwise, and you'll sit there and think, oh my God, where's that inspiration. And then you may have to take a walk or drink a hot coffee or tea and just dwell on that. But just being in the moment in the morning and just prepare yourself and be open for positive really cool stuff to happen. And I just have to tell that little story. My girlfriend always asks me, hey, what did you go through on vacation? You actually had a special sort of exciting thing to happen to you. Oh yeah. I actually did. And I have that story. And I once ask her why do you always ask me when I come back from holiday? She said, “Because you always come back with the craziest stories that happened to you.”

So, once I ended up in England in a wonderful little sort of manor house. They run a B&B. And she's, I have to be careful. You can't put your clothes in there because those are the clothes of the Queen of Greece. She left it here because I'm her designer. And actually tomorrow comes the Arch Bishop of whatsoever, I can't remember, and she picks up her hats and sells them off. And she gave me a hat and I have now a hat from the Queen of Greece. So, I have those stories and they always happen to me. And she said this is always happening to me. And so, okay, yeah. I think I intentionally go on holiday and look forward whatever happens to me because always so great stuff happens.

And I think that's what you do. It must have just happened once in a childhood memory and then it just kept going from there. And, yeah, I think you can go into your day, you can step into your life with having that happy anticipation of what's going to be great about it or you can be there and think, oh my God, I hope it's not this, this, and this. And this gives you a whole different energy. And I'm not saying only happy things happen, but very cool stuff happens to me on holidays.

Dina Cataldo: That is so cool. I have a question for you on this. I wanted to hear your take on this. So, it's one thing … you can have that happy anticipation, that feeling like, oh, this day's gonna be great, and then you start bumping into people who are … you're, “How are you doing today?” and they're, “Oh, it's a Monday.” Or “How are you doing today?” and it's, “Eh, okay.” You're, “Okay.” They're kinda downers. Energetically, they're just not in a good place. How do you protect your energy from somebody who might not match you?

Carollyne C.: Okay. Well, there is a whole other story on protection. And I can go back to that, but I think when you are who you are, you're not affected by who someone else is. And you may affect them if they think, wow, or maybe they think, oh wow, she's so happy. I'm not in the mood for happiness. I am who I am. Hopefully, I would say, all the time. Yes, I can even be happy if somebody's down. How could I do my job if not? It would be so discouraging if I take everybody very seriously and I can see their problems. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients happy and successful and fulfilled. That's what makes me happy. That's what really cheers me up. So, I like to see that, but sometimes they come in and I can still blog with them even if they are, Arr-arr, not in the mood at all. And I can laugh about something I feel funny about, and that's just fine.

I think you have the right to be in that good spirit and in your happy place even though if anybody else is depressed around you. And you can feel empathy. If somebody comes and loses someone and is in pain and really is sad, I'm not joking around. But I can still be who I am and be very empathetic about how they are right now and the situations they are in. And then when I say how they are, I don't actually mean how they are, it's how they feel right now. Because who they are at soul level is something totally different than who the life presents itself right at this moment. So, people are the same, they just have different feelings or may not feel in touch as much with themselves or may have had a rough time, but that doesn't make a person who she is. A person is more for me. It's the soul, it's the higher self, it's the aura, it's just everything about them. It's their history, their potential. I always see potential in anybody. So, that's who they are. And, yeah, they may have a bad day, but that's not who they are. It's just an expression of how they feel right now at this moment. And that shouldn't affect you at all.

But coming back, if you still want to know about protecting yourself. You can talk about protection … you have protection just thinking about it. You don't really have to do something about it. But if you feel really unprotected, really sensitive, and really … sometimes you can be in a phase where you think, oh, I just don't feel that way. Not that protected. Not that strong. You can imagine yourself just stepping into sort of a suit of protection. The astronauts who go to the moon in those movies? You can think of that. And just pulling up your legs, and just mentally take it all, and then put the cap round you, and just I'm all protected now. It's just sometimes you need an image to that. And sometimes if you feel you're in a rough time and you're always sensitive or you feel that you are too open, you can do that and just sort of have that feeling of hey, I'm protected. I want to stand up for myself. I know that this is me and I don't want me to be affected by anything that's going to be outside of my control. It's not just outside of yourself, but it's outside of your control.

Dina Cataldo: I like that. Thank you for sharing that.

Carollyne C.: You're welcome.

Dina Cataldo: I was looking at your … I think it was on YouTube or I found you somewhere where you talked about these energy retreats. And they fascinated me and I was I wanna know what happens at those. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Carollyne C.: Yes, of course. Did you see the video of the energy retreat in Kent?

Dina Cataldo: Was that the … there's a two minute video with the girls that are talking about … and that beautiful manor in the background?

Carollyne C.: Yes. The beautiful manor house. That's where we go. Well, that's another thing that happened on holiday. I just have to make it very short. It's a long story, but I'll try to make it short. Okay. I had a feeling two years ago. Our son went to Cambridge to just brush up on english and he went there for four months. So, we said we want to be careful. He's 17. He was probably 16 at the time. [inaudible 00:35:50] Anyway, we just said let's go on holiday in England and drop him off, stay in Cambridge for a few days and he can get comfortable with his family. Which he did and he loved his family there. That was really cool. But we didn't know, so we thought, okay, that's a good plan, let's go on holiday. And I planned our holiday, and I was thinking, and then I just had a feeling I have to go to Kent. Which I've never been to. I've been traveling all over England for a long time and I thought what shall I do in Kent.

So, okay. So, anyhow, we went there. Nothing happened. We had a good time, but we just planned to go and see the cathedral in Canterbury. The Canterbury Cathedral which is beautiful. And I sent him there and I knew we're going to get back to the car and then actually leave Kent. And nothing happened yet. So, I was sitting there meditating in the cathedral and both of my husband and my boy were walking up and down. Yeah, we looked at it. Can we go now? What the hell? It's such a huge beautiful place. You've only been here three minutes. Give me some time. And I was, go outside. Wait. I'm just gonna meditate here now. And I just said I can feel that they just wanna move on because the next point was somewhere at the sea. So they really sort of [inaudible 00:37:09] to go there. I thought, okay, move me now because whatever I had the intention to go to Kent, it's going to be wasted because I'm leaving Kent in the next 15 minutes. So, I'm going to drive off now from Canterbury and I'm gonna be gone.

So, we went back to the car and, I don't know, my husband gave in something to the navigation system. And we have a system of, I don't particularly like to drive. He's drives me in Switzerland. I drive everybody in England. So, I'm good on the left-hand driving. He does the right-hand driving. That's what we do. So, he probably put in something. The next stop we ended up driving through small narrow streets. Small villages. They got smaller and smaller. And then actually literally over a field. We said what the heck? This is not a street or a road or anything. It's not even a path. What is that? It was a path, but it's not even a path, but anyhow, we ended up in a small, tiny, little village. And I said, okay, I'm stopping here now because that's odd. Something's off with our navigation system. And I went to that pub, and it was Sunday. Everybody was there. The priest, and the farmer, and the young girl. Everybody had a drink. Typical English afternoon.

So, I went in there, had a drink, and said, hey guys, is there something I can look at around here because we are here, so let's do something. And then the priest said, yeah, come to my little church. It's a really beautiful church. And I said, okay, I'll do that, but it's rather small. Is there anything else? And then a girl comes up behind the bar, and she comes and stands there and says, did you know that next to our village is another village called Goodnestone and there is a huge manor house where Jane Austen used to go on holidays. Her brother lived there. And I said, no. And she said, yeah. It has a beautiful garden, a wonderful park, and you actually go there and see that. I thought, oh yeah, let's do that. And the two of them, my husband and my boy, they were just, ahhh. Not another manor house, not another park, mommy no.

Dina Cataldo: Boys.

Carollyne C.: And I quickly ran there. And then a very old lady sat there on a little chair and she sold tickets. And she says, oh, so many people went in. You not wanna go and see that. I said, oh, that's a shame. Yeah, that's fine, but I just really love that house and I have that feeling that this is a really special place. And yes, and actually, I'm gonna have to tell you, you can rent that place. And she gave me a notepad with a telephone number. And I looked at it, placed it in my handbag, and I knew that the two guys wanna go off. And I thought how odd, not a website, just a telephone number. Anyhow, I went back and had a beautiful holiday. Came back, unpacked my bags, and the first thing before I even entered my office here was you have to call them. You have to call this number. And I called the number and they actually have a beautiful website.

And, yes. What I felt there, I was … actually, I had forgot to tell you because I tried to make it short. When we were at that village and we looked at the park, I had that feeling and I have to move forward. And I walked and walked and I have to say that I had a really bad accident in the Alps in Switzerland. I broke both of my feet, and I ripped my bands, and I had four operations, and I wasn't a good walker at the time, so I was in a lot of pain and my husband said, so there's the end of the village. Don't push your feet further. I want you to be careful. Do you feel all right. And I said yeah, yeah, yeah. I just have the feeling I have to walk further on. And then this house was in front of me. This manor house just in all its beauty, but the beauty there is that this is such a high vibrational place. And I was magnetified to go there. And that's why those workshops are there.

Dina Cataldo: Well, I love that story because it really highlights how strong and how powerful our intuition is. And it may seem totally unreasonable to think we need to go to Kent. There's nothing for you in Kent, but there's something when you leave you're going to get to a place and you're gonna wonder what the heck am I supposed to find here and you need to ask somebody. What is there around here? And you get taken to this manor. That's an amazing story to highlight that.

Carollyne C.: Yes. Yes. So, that was special. And I do crazy things like that which sometimes sound very crazy to people, but I couldn't do it differently. I just had to go.

Dina Cataldo: So, what happens at these energy retreats? What goes on here?

Carollyne C.: These energy retreats reflect a bit of the story of Jane Austen. We find our story there. With the help of that wonderful place and that vibration there. What we do is on the first day, we just start to release what's no longer serving us. And how to do that, I even go into the sort of each woman's energy or just into her life and into her story and find what's holding her back. And I take that with me and I prepare in a way that this is suitable for everybody. What we do there at the first day is just going deep, asking questions, going through processes, and let them go through processes themselves. I lead them to processes. I will have one-on-one talks and we are going to be also letting go in every way. Being pampered by the most wonderful cook cooking us the most wonderful delicious vegetarian food. So, health is an issue there, too, of course.

Then we have yoga classes in the morning if you love to attend. Outside, so if it's weather wise possible … we just have wonderful weeks there. So, yeah, so we go outside, we have yoga, we have energy work there, we have spa treatments in your room. So everybody has their room and they have luxurious spa treatment in there. It's letting go and just being pampered in every way. And then we build from there. We find to reconnect the next day … and there are rituals. You will see in the video that we burned something. You see us at a fireplace. So, you will write down what really you wanna let go and then we release it. And I have tools and helps that we can do that. And we have a little ritual in releasing that. And just having fun after that. Opening up a lot of champagne to celebrate.

Dina Cataldo: Anything with champagne that's gotta be a good time.

Carollyne C.: And then it's about finding your true self. Connecting with you again. Just getting all that collateral, day-to-day life and day-to-day work life out of your system. And just be and find your passion again. Find your passion for your business. You may have to tweak it. You may have to change a little bit on your business when you come back. You may find you just needed that time to really reconnect with, fall in love with, your business again. That's probably something you could say, yeah. Fall in love with what you do again. And then take that story that you find in that unique place where Jane Austen actually really wrote. She wrote some of her books there. Pride and Prejudice there in the end, there's that double wedding? It's actually her brother who married there at this house. At this manor house. I think the sister also married at the same time. So this double wedding actually happened at this house.

Dina Cataldo: Are you kidding me?

Carollynnne C.: Yeah. And that's really what … and she was inspired to write that afterwards. So, yeah, this is a house with a lot of sort of story and a lot of layers. But this is a really special place. Energetically it's just, and yes, it's not cheap to rent because it's luxurious in any way. It's just such a special place. I rarely find that anywhere in the world. It's one of those places. It's not famous. It's not like [inaudible 00:45:33] where everybody else knows. Those aren't special whatsoever. Energy's there, but this is just a very special place. And we do outside work. We go outside and we do it inside. And we just also have a good time. People connect there and form friendships. Deep friendships. So, that's really exciting to see the women interact and be positive. It's just the way to empower each other. It's a lot of women power there. Yeah. Watch the video. That's just so so cool.

Dina Cataldo: I think this is important for every business owner, every person really, to know. It doesn't matter if you own a business or not, is that reconnection with yourself, and it's tough. Sometimes it's really tough to take that time off for yourself, but if you can take a weekend to yourself, a day to yourself, where you're not looking at your phone. And maybe you get a spa treatment, and maybe go to yoga, and you commit to doing no work. And I know that's tough, so you gotta break it down sometimes. But doing these kinds of things, connecting with other people who share your interests, that are supportive of you, that share that ambition to be better in their lives, I think that is essential for everyone.

Carollyne C.: Yes, and you can do it, as you said, in so many ways. You can treat yourself to that. You can have a mastermind. You can just meet up with women who have similar stories and you can connect. With the internet today, and with us in here, how we connect here now-

Dina Cataldo: I love the internet.

Carollyne C.: You're so far away from me, but we have this wonderful communication together. We just exchange and lighten each others up and share. And that's just possible in so many ways. I think it's essential from time to time. And I have to say I fall into that trap myself sometimes. If I'm working with a few clients on a few different products or projects and this is sometimes time confusing because sometimes I work on the US time zone if my clients are there. So, I start to work when everybody else here in Switzerland is finished. So, when you wake up and start to get going, we start to sort of trail off and just go into our sort of evening. So I start to work there sometimes with my US clients and then I sometimes have to work through the night or at least 2:00 or 3:00. And then, it could be that I have a very early call with someone here.

And I just also have to manage the time in-between and sometimes I just feel myself that I have to really give myself the time and allow myself to pull away because, as I said, there's nothing better for me than seeing my client's pride. This is really what lights me up. And sometimes I have to say this is beautiful if they [inaudible 00:48:36], but sometimes you just have to take your time, too, just to calm down and just enter your head and not think of this and that and that that you could do with them or help them. It's just sometimes just letting go. So, you have to do that.

Dina Cataldo: Well, I think that combined with what you were talking about with intuition because when you do let go and you get that quiet inside of you, you can hear things that maybe you weren't in tune to earlier. And that might actually be more beneficial to your clients because then you'll be in the moment and you'll have had that time to yourself and when you come face-to-face with something that they're talking about something will come to you easier and there's more ease in it rather than just our brain just working working working.

Carollyne C.: Well, in my case, my job is being in that space. So, I'm always there. So, it's always coming. That's no problem, but it's being myself sometimes because I loosen to be not myself when I'm in there. I mean this tuned in if you wanna call it like that. I'm tuned in and I'm not that much tuned in for myself, but for others. So, I think sometimes it's really important for me to make a stupid joke and be myself. [crosstalk 00:49:54] Just not that amazing, empowering, helping service, but just be myself and be silly.

And I know that for a lot of my clients, some of them find that when they go jogging, just if they've been jogging for half an hour and they just let go of everything and their mind just starts to sort of drift away and they suddenly have an answer to a question they had a few days ago. I can see that actually in my clients if they let go how this starts to work. You can do that with meditation. You can just rest and listen and feel inspired. You can do that with taking a walk in nature or go swimming or whatever lights you up. Have an ice cream. And just enjoy that and then you just see like, woo, there are inspirations hitting me here.

Dina Cataldo: Well, before we wrap up, I want to ask you if you have anything else that you'd like to share with listeners?

Carollyne C.: Well, I'd love to see everybody who listens here, if they would just take the time to really honor themselves who they are. And just give them the space. It's not about coming and working with me. It's not about coming and doing anything, but just give yourself the time and the space and just the acknowledgement that wherever you are right now, that's fine. It's a summary of what you've been doing the last two years. What you were thinking and doing the last two years. Just be fine with who you are right now and know that the summary of the next two years, you are taking the steps right now. So, [inaudible 00:51:37] your message to be more positive, take more time, to give yourself space, to be okay with who you are. This is forming your future life. So, wherever you are is okay and take it from here. Yeah. I would love to see that.

Dina Cataldo: That's wonderful. Okay, well, can you tell listeners, Carollyne, where they can find you?

Carollyne C.: They can find me at and I don't know if you will provide a link for them.

Dina Cataldo: I will. I'm gonna provide links to everything that you're gonna tell us.

Carollyne C.: So,Carollyne with a double L and Y N E and corner dot com. So, you can start your journey just going there and it's actually cool starting your journey here. There is a free ebook that you can download and you will actually be surprised. I will also sneak in a little meditation a few days later. Yes, you can find out all about that, what you really have to try is see that video of the retreat. Just a look at that manor house is just so cool.

Dina Cataldo: It's really stunning. I mean, there were glimpses of the garden and I've been to Versailles and this was, it's like a mini Versailles.

Carollyne C.: It's like a mini Versailles, yeah. And actually we didn't film in the big garden. There is even a bigger garden on the side and there's a big park and the trees sort of on the backside. And we actually walk through that and we were doing exercises and things down there. So, yeah, it's just such a special place. And I will actually plan to come to the US next year and do workshops there. Potentially with Sarah from Public Persona, a client of mine. And maybe even other clients of mine. We think about a tour, going to [inaudible 00:53:23] New York and maybe California there. And Houston even could be on the plate. So, we're thinking about that and doing workshops. Daytime workshops and weekend workshops and something like that.

Dina Cataldo: Oh, that would be fantastic. If you're in northern California I'm up for it.

Carollyne C.: Okay. I will let you know. But for this year, I think there might be, I didn't plan it, but there might be an energy retreat in November. I really had to be very careful with me because I have this big last operation for me. My foot was really sore and I really had a hard recovery. And I wanted to be fit. I want to be fit and be there for, and be a good host, and this is a big house with a lot of stairs. So, I really thought I have to be careful there, but it was so many people asked me about it. So, it would be actually lovely in November, too, having all those fires lit. Those wonderful marble chimneys. So, maybe there will be another retreat there, but I just take it at the time now. I really have to be careful with my health as well, but it's getting better so, yeah. Thank you so much.

Dina Cataldo: Well, thank you so much for joining us. This has been really lovely and I'm going to link to everything in the show notes, so be sure to go there. Well, thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful evening.

Carollyne C.: Thank you, Dina, for having me here. It was really wonderful to talk to you. Thank you very much. Okay. Bye bye.

Dina Cataldo: Bye.

Let's do a quick recap. How do you know you're hitting a roadblock and where you need some help? Maybe you see that you're unsuccessful. You're not selling in your business. Maybe you recognize that you're unhappy, but you are successful money wise. Maybe you show up in your private life unhappy and you feel drained. Or you don't feel like you can express what you want. And I wanna add another one in here. If you don't see something in your life that you feel should be there, take a look at that. See what's going on and start reflecting. Carollyne and I talked a little bit about this, but when you really start making those conscious decisions, thinking about what is gonna make your life better, you really are gonna make those changes and a few of those ways are journaling, and meditation, and sitting quietly.

Now, if you want to have more access to meditation, I've created a meditation for you specifically on visualizing what you want. That's one of the five meditation skills I'm gonna be teaching you in the five part series that I talked about at the beginning of the show. So, I encourage you to go to Check out what Carollyne has to offer including that video of the amazing energy workshop that she does because it had some amazing backdrops that I think you'll appreciate. I'm also including the meditation I think you're going to love these meditations, so check 'em out. and I will talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Thanks for listening to Soul Roadmap. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if you'd subscribe, rate, and left an honest review on iTunes. I read every single review. So, let me know what you want to hear more or less of and I'll talk to you next week.

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