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#158: Beyond the Law with Aman Costigan

Aman Costigan knows what it takes to build a business, practice mindset work and work as a full-time lawyer.

She dishes all in this candid conversation.

Pay particular attention to a few areas we talk about because they're crucial to achieving any goal.

  • Her experience learning how to make decisions while feeling uncertainty
  • Learning how to have her own back after making a decision
  • The value she places on service
  • How she thinks about perfectionism
  • How she moves away from hustle mode and comes into ease while working
  • How she brought down walls in her brain to talk to the people in her orbit about her business

We tend to ignore or devalue a lot of the areas in our life and business that we talk about in this episode. What you'll hear is how essential developing certain skills were in making decisions, showing up in her marketing, and serving the people that she wanted to serve.

This is an episode you'll want to listen to again and again to hear all the nuggets of wisdom inside.



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