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#111: Uncovering Hidden Thoughts

Feel stuck or unsatisfied with anything in your life? Then you'll want to listen in to today's podcast.
The beliefs we have aren't always true. It's our hidden thoughts that can prevent us from achieving what we want in our lives. 
Uncovering hidden thoughts essential if we want to design our life with intention.
Today you'll learn:
  • why changing anything in your life requires uncovering hidden thoughts
  • what a belief is
  • how to uncover thoughts that you may not know you have that are hindering your progress
  • how to change a belief that isn't serving you
One belief that holds many lawyers back? They think they haven't achieved their dreams because they're lazy. They think that they need to work harder or “aren't meant to have” what they want.
When we uncover hidden thoughts, we can discover thoughts like, “I'm not good enough.”
This untrue thought keeps us stuck in our same old patterns.
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