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#107: Processing Emotion – On the Other Side of Pain

Let's talk about pain. Specifically, what we can create on the other side of pain.

Today you'll learn:

  • The difference between a productive and unproductive emotion
  • How to process emotions
  • Where emotions come from
  • How to create the emotion you want, so that you can create what you want in the world
  • The most productive emotions

When we learn how to process emotions like anger, fear, worry, overwhelm, and shame, we can begin not only understanding the thoughts we have that are creating these emotions, but see a clear path forward.

In this episode I'll walk you through a process for working through painful emotions and activate your superpower. What's that? It's your ability to make a choice about how you want to feel.

It's important to consciously choose our feelings, so we can intentionally create the vision of our life.

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