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#92: Be Seen and Be Heard (or Be Frankenstein’ed)

Dr. Frankenstein has nothing on us and our obsession with our businesses.

What if someone made you give it away? Would you?

What if someone said, you could no longer do what you loved most?

Today, we're talking about

  • What it really means to be seen and heard
  • Why you MUST be seen and heard by others
  • The insidious thoughts you have about being seen and heard (these are sneaky thoughts you don't even notice!)
  • What it means to be “Frankenstein'ed”?
  • And more…


The fairy godmother of being seen and heard is Selena Soo. I've partnered with her for Impacting Millions, which is her online program that helps any business go from hidden gem to household name and has helped clients and students get featured in places like, O, the Oprah Magazine, Forbes and Inc, and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV.

Selena's created a free publicity checklist, which is really like your roadmap to the ball. What she's created will help you form a game plan for promoting your practice, whether it's brand new or established. You can download it here.


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