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#80: Addicted to Success with Marketing Expert Maria Grace

Are you driven to succeed or are you addicted to success?

The dark side of having drive may be having an addiction to success.

We can get tunnel vision and create success in one area of our lives to the detriment of everything else in our lives.

Today I’m introducing you to a guest who’s gone through the ups and downs of this drive to succeed, and she shares her addicted to success as well.



She shares a personal story that I know moms and hopeful moms will relate to.


And she lets us in on her a few of her tactics to help her curb her drive to succeed in her business, so that her family doesn’t suffer.


Maria Grace is a Virginia Tech grad who graduated magna cum laude in her International Studies degree with a Business concentration. (So you already know she means business.)


She fell in love with marketing and was actually promoted at 21 years old to the director of communications for a company and simultaneously she began her own business.


Maria helps entrepreneurs who want to cultivate their social media, become findable on search engines, and generally market themselves to a larger audience. She’s marketed everything from franchises to feature films, so she has a range of areas she works in.


Oh yeah, and she has a daughter, a husband, runs marathons and does photography on the side. So she’s a bit of an over-achiever. Can you relate?


She’s going to share some things she’s learned over the years about taming her addiction to success and particularly how she learned some of this from a painful experience she and her husband had.


Listen in here:



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