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#67: 5 Beliefs I Gave Up to Live Better

Today I'm sharing 5 beliefs I held onto for too long, and they prevented me from growing as a human, from creating more ease in my legal practice and my business, and from really just living my best life.

While these were my personal beliefs, they’re beliefs that a lot of us hold onto unconsciously.

When you hear them, ask yourself where they may show up in your life in different ways. And if you see them, I want to remind you to have compassion for yourself. I used to beat myself up when I thought there was something “wrong” with me, and that doesn’t help create change – it just creates shame. To create change, we simply have to notice to create awareness around that issue without judgment.

Doing that interrupts the habitual neuropathways that your brain has created between that thought and the feeling you have when you have that thought. This is the first step to changing your thoughts.
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