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#38: What it Really Means to Invest in Yourself


Have you ever asked yourself what it really means to invest in yourself? Probably not. But it's one of the most important questions you can ask.

I’ve created a little something for you to follow along with in the podcast or to do on your own. I’m calling it the “Create your Roadmap” exercise because these questions really are foundational. When we’re thinking about investing in ourselves, we better know the result we want to see.

“Create Your Roadmap” is a free PDF that walks you through some of the most important questions I pose to you in this episode, and I give you space to write down your answers. 

You can grab it here.



Ask yourself, do you invest in yourself?  Sure you have, but what do you do on a regular basis? What are you committed to? This is a topic that I never considered until a few years ago.
I’d, of course, invested in myself over the years with both time and money. But I didn’t recognize how failing to invest in myself impacted my day to day life, my relationships with others, my work performance, and my general personal growth.
It’s easy to stop investing in ourselves when we feel like we have it all. We have the career, the car, the house, the relationship. What else is there?
Then something happens that shakes that foundation, and we recognize that the foundation wasn’t all that sturdy after all. There was a lot more we needed to invest in ourselves to create a foundation for all of those things we take for granted. 


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