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#33: Beliefs Preventing Your Success

What are the beliefs preventing your success?

Each of us is taught beliefs as a child. These beliefs become ingrained in us whether they’re true or not. They saturate everything we do and say. 

Today we’re diving into our beliefs around success. No matter your profession or aspirations, this podcast is a must listen if you want to begin seeing your beliefs for what they are and begin changing them to serve your goals. 

The difference between great lawyers and mediocre lawyers comes down to what they believe.

In today’s podcast, we explore what beliefs about success each of us have and how we can craft our beliefs to serve us.  What makes a great lawyer, doctor, or entrepreneur are the thoughts that we think.

Learn how to change your beliefs, so you can design the life you want. 



What is success?

What does it mean to be successful? — 2:50

What is a belief? Are they true? — 4:00

Why isn't success a relaxing topic for us? — 5:45

Why do we like being busy? — 7:00

Do we feel like we deserve success? Why not? — 9:24

When will success happen to us? — 10:40

Success and its relation to happiness — 13:00

What's luck have to do with success? — 14:50

What's fear have to do with success? — 16:00

How we perceive success in other people. — 18:00

Do successful people really never sit still? — 19:50

Are you too lazy to be successful? — 21:40

Do you listen to what other people think you need to do to be successful? — 23:20

Should you give up? — 24:30

Is there a single definition of success for you? — 26:40



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