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#30: How to Handle Difficult Emotions with Ryan Francis

I'm excited to share today's guest with you. Ryan Francis is a teacher turned life coach. With his experience handling difficult situations and emotions, he has some relatable tips on how to become present to the difficult emotions that bubble up in our lives and how we can manage those emotions to better handle situations in our lives.

We can create a measured and intentional responses no matter the circumstances, and Ryan shares some of his personal stories to make this real for us. He shows us how when we create priorities of values, we create guidelines in which we can make the choices we need to make. When we make these choices consciously, we then impact the responses of the people around us.

I very much appreciate Ryan being willing to go down the rabbit hole with me. We have a fun — and at times intense — conversation about emotions leading us into how we can create the reality we want. It was a lot of fun, so I want to thank him for his time.

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