Hello. Hello. Today I want to talk to you about the foundation for what we believe and think now the foundation for what we believe and what we think is set when we're young by our parents, their expectations, society, its expectations, our friends and their expectations and a lot of these beliefs can be false and outdated beliefs.

For instance, the belief that we take on about money is a really big one. A lot of people are raised to believe things like money is the root of all evil. Or if you have money, you must be bad. And this leaves them totally broke or take beliefs about politics. If you were raised in a household that was mainly Republican, you're more likely to vote along those lines. And same thing goes if you were raised in a household of Democrats, this can perpetuate a cycle of disconnect from the other sides perspectives. And so today we're going to start to look a little bit at these and start to lay the foundation for us moving forward. Before I do that, I want to remind you that there is something that can help you lay the [email protected] forward slash busy lawyer there you will find a way to get five hours back every single week and I really break down exactly how I started creating time in my life and in a way that didn't feel stressful, that didn't feel rushed, and you only have to choose one to start making a difference right now.

So if you are looking to create the foundation moving forward in your life, in whatever area of your life you want to spend more time on, then go to Dina cataldo.com forward slash busy lawyer and find that there. It's totally free. All right, so the beliefs that we have now aren't necessarily ones that we've questioned over the years. We've simply accepted them as true, but if we notice that we're not moving forward in an area of our life like money or relationships, if we recognize that there's something that seems stuck, then it's time to begin questioning our beliefs. Our beliefs are the underpinning of our identity and our identity determines what we can have in our life. I recently heard Sarah Blakely talking, creating the canvas for the painting and she was talking about it in terms of using her undergarments from Spanx as creating the canvas for the clothing that women wear.

But when I heard her say this, I thought about something else entirely.

I believe that all the work that we do on ourselves, all the self coaching we do by writing and analyzing our thoughts, all the coaching we seek from professional coaches, all this self-help we take in from podcasts, just like these are books that we read. I see all that work as creating the canvas for the success we want for ourselves. The success being the painting, the painting can look like anything. It can look like more money, more service to others, more freedom of choice, more vacations, more time, better relationships. The work we do on ourselves is stretching the canvas and priming it so we can have what we want most. We're preparing ourselves with the foundation for the success. We're making it easier for ourselves to have it and have it stick.

You've heard of those lottery winners who win millions of dollars and then lose the money after a couple of years spectacularly. The reason they do that is because they hadn't prepared for that kind of wealth. They had lived with the identity of not having wealth for years, then suddenly had wealth thrust upon them. Same thing with celebrities who lose all their money. They didn't have the foundation for that kind of wealth so they couldn't keep it. They too strongly identified with their old beliefs about money. We must question our old beliefs that have been the foundation for everything that we have up to this point in our lives to see if we can take our lives to the next level and it requires using our brain on purpose, and I was exposed to this concept in coaching, so I used to be on autopilot. I would blame not having enough time and not having enough money.

I'm having too much work rather than taking responsibility for not creating what I wanted in my life or I would waste my brain power blaming old decisions for not having the money I wanted. I would just spin in the past, right? Just know that nothing has gone wrong in your brain if this is what's happening to you. Our brain had to learn the old beliefs to all these old habits. Then once it was repeated, often enough, the thought went into our subconscious brain, right? It's just like when we drive a car. At first we didn't know how to do it, and then it became, it's so easy that that information on how to drive the car went to our subconscious brain. Now we can drive to work and we don't even have to think about it. So those old beliefs play out in our lives with us without even knowing it.

It takes getting really conscious to begin making change. When I hired a life, that's really when all those subconscious beliefs began surfacing. My coach would ask me questions and it helped me peel back layers of thoughts that I didn't even know I had about myself. And of course you don't need a coach to do this. There's plenty of books that will walk you through this kind of work or you know, things that you can read or go to podcasts and really dive into the work and actually answer the questions that the podcaster is asking. I have a lot of, you know, different podcasts where you can actually go in and do the work and it's totally free. So when you start peeling back these layers of thoughts, that's when things start to change. They start shift because you begin to see what's been going on, like behind the curtain, so to speak, right?

Like so you've got this great and powerful Oz behind the curtain and you don't even know it. You don't even see it. So my question to you is this, what are you doing to prepare your canvas for the painting you want to create? What are you doing to prepare yourself for the success you want to create in your life? I'll use myself as an example for how I've prepared myself over the past five years to create a business. My ultimate goal is to have a coaching business that can completely replace my income from my legal career. So what are some of the things that I've needed to do in order to prepare myself for this kind of business? Right? I knew I had to work on my beliefs that prevented me from showing up the way that I needed to. I had blocks around time, money, overwhelm, procrastination, different kinds of work, right?

I have, I have two big things that I do, right? I'm a a lawyer by day and then I'm also doing this coaching work. And each time I worked through each of these areas of my life, I was able to accomplish something in my life. I knew that would lay the foundation for what I wanted more of in my life. You might hear like the little pitter patter of my dog in the background. He's hilarious. It's like he's just running around. Okay. And so one of the first things that I needed to do was change my clock because I was not getting the work done that I needed to get done. I didn't want to feel rushed. I didn't want to feel like I didn't have a day when I came home from the office and was just pooped. So I turned myself into a morning person.

I now wake up at 4:30 in the morning. Right? Like that sounds like crazy to some people. But in order to lay the foundation for what I wanted most, that's something that I needed to do. I needed to increase my energy. So I know I needed to go back to yoga and get really intentional about my practice, so now I go three times a week and that is a way that I increase my energy. I meditate every day to stay grounded and more objective. That's something I need so that I am not taking out my stress on other people. I notice a difference when I'm not staying consistent with that. I need that to lay the foundation for the kind of person that I want to be, how I want to show up in the world. I stopped drinking alcohol entirely. I talk about that in a podcast.

I'll link to that atdinacataldo.com/87 but I actually stopped drinking because I wanted that energy. I didn't want to feel like I was like losing a day or I wasn't getting enough sleep, so that is something that I needed to address so I could lay the foundation for what I wanted. I write every day. I do my self coaching, I podcast every week. It's my way of showing up and contributing in the world consistently. I go to the office every day, 100% ready to contribute. I make sure I sleep eight hours a night so I can stay energized. I created a coaching framework to help other lawyers prepare their canvas for success. That's my coaching business. I have invested more and more money and time in myself and my personal growth, whereas before I was stingy with my money and my time and investing it, which is kind of funny.

Since I spent so much money on my legal education, I spent so much money on my undergraduate education. But once that was done, it was like, Oh, I don't want to spend any money. I don't have money, which was completely untrue. I make plenty of money as a legal professional. I'm doing just fine. But I felt like I needed to be stingy with it. So I had to change my mindset about how I was investing in myself. I learned to time block so I could create time for everything in my life and so that I could, you know, really begin to build trust with myself to make things happen. So if it's scheduled, I've got to do it and when I don't do it, I recognize it and I feel the difference. I know what I need to do to be the person that I want to be and how we do anything is how we do everything.

But we just got to chip at these one at a time. I didn't do this all at once. It wasn't like, you know, Oh, one day I woke up and all of this was in place. I intentionally consciously looked at every area of my life and I'm still doing it and I'm chipping away to create the person that I want to create to show up as a person I want to be. It's like knocking down dominoes though. It's like once you start down this path, you start to see, okay, well that's not working for me. How can I change that or that beliefs not working for me? What can I do there? What kind of thoughts can I think? Who are the people that I can follow, that have the thoughts that I want to have about money and relationships and business and how I want to be in the world.

So it's just a process. The result is I trust myself to go out and get what I want. I trust myself to make goals that I can accomplish. I don't blame others for my lack of results. I don't blame time, money, people, or other circumstances for not being able to do things. I clear out old beliefs one at a time so I can grow into the identity I want for myself. So returning to my question, what are you doing to prepare your canvas for the painting you want to create? What are you doing to prepare yourself for the success you want to create in your life? I would love it if you shared your thoughts with me on the website. You can comment at dinacataldo.com/87 and there you can also find the busy lawyers quick start guide to get five hours a week back.

Go to dinacataldo.com/87 I help you have a wonderful rest of your week and I will talk to you soon. Bye.