BONUS: Calendar Masterclass for Lawyers

I want to do a couple things with this bonus episode. One, I want to invite you to join me next Saturday, August 28th 2021 for my Calendar Masterclass for Lawyers. We're going to cover the three fundamentals no one teaches us in law school.

Want in? Sign up here:

In this bonus episode I'm going to:

  • tell you the three fundamentals to managing our time that no one teaches us
  • share with you what's possible for you when you embody these fundamentals because you'll show up differently every day when you truly know them and not just understand them on a superficial level.

Before I dive in, I want to share with you what my former client Jonathan Mansfield shared about his experience after learning what I'm going to teach you in the Masterclass and working with me on the fundamentals.

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There's so much that becomes possible when we master the fundamentals. So let's dive on in, shall we?

The 3 fundamentals

#1: Identity Change

What we have in our life show us our current beliefs about ourselves and what we're capable of. If you want to have something different, then it requires changing who you are at a core level. In the Masterclass, I'll give you tools to help you with this process and share with you the identity shifts I made and my clients make to master their time.

#2: Brain Management

To change how we think about our identity, we must understand how we've been taught to perceive the world. Our brain takes in information, and we decide how to use that information. In the Masterclass, you'll learn how your perceptions impact your calendar and the REAL reasons why you're not getting the results you want.

#3: Simple Systems Mindset

I have a step-by-step process I use personally and teach my clients. This isn't just about “how to manage your time.” It's about the mindset you need to implement, so that you have the framework to create successful calendar habits. This plan will allow you to make space for emergencies, and make more space in your day for fun. You're going to get this process in the Masterclass.

These fundamentals are essential to create anything you want in life if you want to do it with more ease and less drama.

When I talk about drama I mean the mind drama that puts us in overwhelm and busy mode.

The transformation I'm talking about, that Jonathan talked and that my other clients experience is available to you too when you take these three fundamentals to heart and practice them over and over again.

When we get into the drama, we become less effective advocates for ourselves, for our clients and for the people around us.

What if you could say no to the overwhelm, pressure and anxiety that comes with running your law practice or practicing day-to-day?

What would you be saying yes to?

You'd be saying yes to:

  1. Building better relationships

We can't separate work and home life. Everything that happens at the office spills into how we connect (or disconnect) from our loved ones. By taking charge of your calendar, you'll see changes in how you can show up and build the relationships you want. You'll be saying yes to a better relationship with your partner, family, friends. Those connections are invaluable, and when people look back on their lives they often regret not fostering those connections more.

  1. You'd be saying yes to having better clients

Some lawyers get riled up talking about their clients as if their clients are causing the drama in their own mind. When you shift your identity to a lawyer who has more confidence and knows what you want, you will automatically draw in better clients and feel the strength to fire the clients you don't want in your practice. Not only that, the clients you do have will learn to communicate with you the way you want them to and respect your time.

  1. You'd be saying yes to a better quality of money.

I'm talking to the lawyers who have their own practice here. Have you ever just allowed a client to hire you because they were paying you money? Probably every lawyer has at one time or another. When you start respecting your time, you begin respecting the business you're building. You call in a better quality of money. The kind that feels amazing to take in because you get to work with the people you want to every single day. My clients implement the principles I'm sharing in the Masterclass, and they discover they can: charge for consults, raise rates, say no to clients, build new practice areas that sound fun to them, say no instead of automatically saying yes, and so much more.

  1. There are so many more things you'd be saying yes to, but the last one I want to offer is that you're saying yes to yourself.

You're saying yes to what you want. You're saying yes to the fact that you're important and worth your time. You're saying yes to your health and sanity.

We put ourselves last all the time, but if you make learning these fundamentals a priority, you can begin putting yourself higher on the list of importance.

Now, ask yourself what you'd be saying no to the overwhelm, pressure and anxiety?

By coming to this Masterclass and learning the skills to say no to these feelings, you'd also be giving up:

  1. unappreciative clients
  2. brain buzz – that feeling in your brain when you can't think straight. Everything feels so hard.
  3. everything being so hard – we tend to make things much harder than they need to be, and making it simple — like using the simple systems I'm going to talk about in the Masterclass — seems almost too easy. But when we let go of our old way of thinking, we can allow things to be so much easier.
  4. resenting your calendar. Our relationship with our calendar is a reflection of our relationship with ourself. If you're hating on your calendar, there's a part of you hating on yourself. If you feel resentful about your calendar or ignore it altogether, then you need to come to this Masterclass.
  5. snapping at people — this is my favorite because this one was a struggle for me. My default would be anger. Anger at being interrupted, anger at people wasting my time, anger at people I considered morons. When I started getting coached, I realized just how much anger I was holding onto, but it was really a lot of anger at myself for not achieving what I wanted to achieve. It showed up in blowing up at people around me who didn't deserve it. If you resonate at all with this, then you definitely need to come to the Masterclass Saturday.

Join me next Saturday, 8am Pacific for this Masterclass. Sign up and get the link for it at

For those of you who are saying, what? 8am? Will there be a replay?

I'll tell you that the people who sign up will get 3 days of access to this replay. I'm doing that to encourage people to take action and do the work on themselves to make change.

If you can show up live, show up live. We play bigger when we're connected live. I've seen it in myself when I sign up for online events. When I'm live I do the work.

So show up with a notepad and pen and get ready to take notes.

Go to for everything you need to know.

Talk to you soon. Bye.

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