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#87: Laying the Foundation for Your Success

How can you lay the foundation for your success starting today?


Recently I heard an interview with Sara Blakely – founder of the billion dollar company Spanx. She spoke about how her products – women's undergarments – created the canvas for the painting. The painting being the clothes women wore.


However, her phrasing got me thinking about the bigger picture of how we prepare the foundation for success in our lives.


In today's podcast, you'll learn:


  • What gets in the way of creating the life you want most
  • How to discover subconscious beliefs
  • My big goal, and what I'm doing to lay the foundation for it
  • What you MUST do to create change in your life

What are you doing right now to lay the foundation for your success? Or what do you intend to commit to doing right now to make it happen for yourself? Let me know in the comments.



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