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BONUS: Is the Lawyer’s Soul Roadmap Right for You?

Hi there! I recorded this special bonus podcast specifically about the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap to share with you how it will transform both your legal practice and your life. I specifically designed the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap with the busy overworked lawyer in mind. I was in burnout mode too once, and I knew that this was a coaching program that lawyers needed. In fact, it's the course I WISHED I would have had years ago when I felt behind every single day.



The Lawyer's Soul Roadmap is currently closed for enrollment. If you're signed up for my email list (like you can below by downloading the Busy Lawyer's Quick-Start Guide), I'll let you know when enrollment is open again.)


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Hi and welcome to this very special bonus episode of Soul Roadmap podcast. Today I am sharing with you the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. So if you are a lawyer, keep listening in. If you don't know me, my name is Dina Cataldo. I am a lawyer and a life coach. And a few years ago I had this idea, I had this idea that I could make things easier for people, that they didn't have to go through all the same struggles I did with trying to figure out my scheduling and trying to figure out how to create time, how to really create more ease in my life. And if you've been listening to Soul Roadmap at all, you probably already know. I'm really big into wellness and creating awareness in our lives and sharing what I've learned with people. But one thing that you might not know about me is that I have created an online course to help with this.

So last year I went to am my mentors big group program. It's I'm Amy Porterfield and if you haven't heard of her, well, she is freaking amazing and she really inspired me. She is a course creator and she really inspired me to get my stuff together and really systematize what I've learned over the years into an online group program. And it's a coaching program for lawyers. And my first launch of this was in February and it was so much fun. I got to do so many master classes teaching people some really great tips and then sharing with them the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. So if you haven't joined my masterclass, you can go to Dina forward slash masterclass and for a limited time I have that up and I will be doing some live coaching with you. But what I wanted to do here today was really talk to you about the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap to find out whether or not it's something that is right for you.

When I started putting together my ideas for the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap, it was really to create a step by step process for lawyers who felt overwhelmed, like they had lost control of their lives and like they weren't able to be present for themselves. They weren't able to even give themselves any moments to themselves because they had devoted their whole life to work. In fact, they, if you're listening to this, maybe you're one of these people have been working their whole lives and I've always associated that hard work, that grind with success, with achieving success. And I wanted to break the stereotypes. I wanted to help people think about things completely differently. And so the way I wanted to do that was by creating this program to really walk people step by through processes to create more time, to create more ease in their life and to get thinking differently.

So I'm going to walk you through some of what you're going to be learning in the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. If you choose to join me there. And if you want to join me there and we are currently in the launch, you can go to Dina forward slash join that's Dina forward slash join and you can join me and the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. The first obstacle I feel that I had personally and I think a lot of lawyers have generally is where do you start? Where do you start creating time out of thin air? And so I created a module called creating time out of thin air. And this is where we really lay the foundation to complete this program, the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. By creating time in your life, by carving out that time where you didn't even know you could make it.

The Lawyer's Soul Roadmap, lawyer burnout, burned out lawyer, Dina Cataldo, lawyer coach, coaching for lawyers, lawyer stress

And this is going to help you focus and get really clear on how you can make space in your life for this program. Because so many people will come up and they'll say, you know, I just, I love to do it. I just don't have the time right now. The truth is is that you have the time. When you are 100% responsible for your results in your life, you will create the awareness, you will create the time to get it done. And so often we say, well, we don't have time. But the truth is is that we make priorities and until we make ourselves a priority, nothing is going to happen to make change in our lives. It doesn't just happen. We have to be proactive with it. So what I did here is I created several exercises to help you through the process of creating time out of thin air.

And by just working through the powerful fee PDFs that I've created, you'll actually get an opportunity to reimagine your day. You're shaping your day, and if you only complete that module, module one, you're going to reduce stress simply by restructuring your day and where you focus your energy at the office at home, you're going to learn the exact techniques I discovered through trial and error to actually magnify my focus on projects unrelated to work. So if you aren't familiar with me, I have a full time legal practice, right? I'm a criminal prosecutor, I work all week long and then I create time to do my podcast Soul Roadmap. I also create time to create a coaching product like this. I do one on one coaching and I make time for this and I make time to go to yoga and to eat right and to make sure that I am doing all those things that are gonna make me the most successful in my life that are going to help me create the life that I want.

And so I've managed to do it. So I know you can too. I've created time to follow my passions and develop my passions because this didn't happen all at once. It took me years of trial and error and treating my life like an experiment. So this is where all of the hard work I've done pays off for you. This is going to help you rejuvenate your life. So if that sounds good, I want to talk to you a little bit more about this. You're going to design your morning and evening routines that are going to set you up for success at the office and in your life daily. All you gotta do is follow the instructions. And then I also put in some bonus materials in there including meal planning. So you have all of these different options when it comes to purchasing these different plans.

To have people you know, send food to your door and then you just cook it. So what I did is I did all the research for you and I put it in this module so you can decide which one of these plans work best for you. I'm also putting in a couple other things to help you focus at the office that you can only get in the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. So you will be able to redesign your life just with module one. But I want to talk to you about module two. We're going to talk about a life inventory because what I discovered is I was redesigning my life is I hadn't really taken a close look at all of the things that I did and did not do and all of the things that I really enjoyed doing and those things that I did not enjoy so much.

So once we've created some structure from module one to create some blank space in your day, we move into module two and that's where we can take stock of several areas of your life to get a baseline. This is going to lay the foundation for creating your new roadmap to success, which we talk about in module three. What we do in module two doing this life inventory is we take a deep dive into the thought cycle and I'll tell you what the thought cycle is in a moment and discover where you might be getting stuck in feelings like the ones that are paralyzing you, those that stress and overwhelm that we feel so much. You're going to begin building awareness around where you might've been settling for less than you deserve and how you can actually shift gears. And you're going to be shocked at discovering where you've been settling.

When you answer the questions I pose to you in this module. So in each of these lessons, so that's what the module is, right? So it's broken down into three video lessons or so I talk about different subjects and they also have these PDFs and that. So I call them powerful PDFs because they're really asking you questions to get you thinking. This is where the coaching comes and we're really talking about where you can start making change. And once you start recognizing building awareness around these areas, you can't look back because you're just going to see so many opportunities for you to make your life better. It's going to, it's going to feel amazing. So once you've created this awareness, you're going to then work through an actions inventory that will let you take note of where you're really spending your time. We take stock of everything that's going on in your life.

Where are you wasting your time? Where are you putting your time where you don't really want to put it? And that way you can get really crystal clear on your priorities and where you're not acting in alignment with them. The Lawyer's Soul Roadmap is really meant to get us working more in alignment with ourselves to really connect with ourselves so that everything that we do, every action that we take is more and more in alignment with what we want and who we want to be. And you're going to learn what opposing thoughts are and how you can use them. When you start straying from your intended focus, you actually can begin noticing your thoughts and changing them. You're creating new neuropathways in your brain to really start creating that change that you want. And that beliefs inventory pdf that I have in that module is going to allow you to see exactly where you're out of alignment with your thoughts and your actions.

And then you can start making the change you want to see in the next module.

Let's talk bonuses!

So before we talk about model three, I want to talk to you about something that I do as a bonus and the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. And that is, I do weekly live coaching calls and I talk about the modules and I dive even deeper into some of the concepts. But really they're meant to help you ask me questions and then I bring them to the group because if you have a question, everybody has a question about it. It's something that everybody wants to know about and I want to make sure that everybody has the same answer that everybody has is on the same page. So every single week, and I scheduled this out, there's a schedule that I put in the welcome section of the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap where you will be able to schedule everything in your calendar because of course I want you to come to these live if you can.

I have them on several different dates, but if you can't show up live, that's okay because in the course website I also have a space where you will be able to view all of the course calls, which is really cool because if you never feel behind, you always have time for things. And there are implementation weeks in between modules. So you'll have a couple of modules and then you'll have a week. Because I know the realities of being a lawyer, you have things that come up. You've got contracts that you need to get done. You have trials that you need to complete. I want you to schedule everything, but at the same time, sometimes life happens. And so I'm allowing for that with these implementation weeks where there's no new module being released, cause I've put this on a drip, meaning I'll have a module come out one week and then you do the assignments in that module and then the next week a new module will come out and you do the assignments and that module, and I have a video that comes out every week just to touch base with everyone, just to maybe clarify some things in some of the modules so that way you have an understanding of what you need and you have the opportunity to ask real life questions.

Things come up and you know you need an answer. That's what I'm here for.

I'm here to help you and to let you know you always have the answer, but I'm there to help you just discover it on your own.

I'm never there to tell you an answer. I'm always there to coach you to look a little bit deeper inside yourself for the answer that you already have. Okay, so let's talk about module three. Module three is about creating your new roadmap. So once you know where your actions are out of alignment with your beliefs, then you can begin intentionally designing the life you desire. And this is where you begin building the future. You've never taken the time to dream about when we're in autopilot, at our job and in our lives, generally we stop taking the time to think about what we really want because we're so busy thinking about what we should want.

Does that sound like you? So module three is a game changer because I asked you questions that you probably haven't asked yourself ever, and at least since before you went to law school. So with this module, we're reverse engineering the results you want as we outlined in module two and I introduce you to the ladder exercise where we rebuild your identity from the bottom up so that you can set yourself up for success in everything that you take on. You're really going to learn how your identity creates your results, how everything that we do comes from the identity we believe we have, and then you can begin changing your identity to fit the results you want to create as you set forth in module two. So as you can kind of see, this is all layered onto one to another, right? Like every single module in layers on.

The Lawyer's Soul Roadmap, lawyer burnout, burned out lawyer, Dina Cataldo, lawyer coach, coaching for lawyers, lawyer stress

So you'll learn a little bit more in the next module and you move forward. We explore commitment and integrity and how those two concepts are going to yield powerful results for you when you integrate them into your identity. And we integrate the routines that you set forth earlier in module one with the new routines that you need to allow your identity to take hold by following the steps I set forth for you. So this will all become much more clear when you're actually in the program. But what we're doing is we're reprogramming your subconscious mind to actually begin to create the identity you need to create the results that you want in your life. So I want you to think about this. Imagine creating the life that you want, those those goals that you have that maybe you've been pushing aside for a really long time.

There are so many people I talk to that feeling like they have a book inside of them.

“If only I had enough time.”

If only they could structure their life in the way they needed to to get it done. And that's what this course is designed to allow you to do. It's really, when I look at it as, as a goal setting and implementation program, you're realigning yourself so that you can create the life that you want so that you can create the goals in your life that you want. All right, so moving on to module four this is where we create space and now students here have hit some resistance and it's so funny how we can do all of the hard work, the writing and all of that, as long as we're like doing something physical, right? That it's super easy for us.

And then when we get to a point where we need to sit still, we hit resistance. It's so funny for me because I had that same experience and so what I do is I make this module as easy as possible for you, but you still are shifting your identity. You're still in a place where you're shifting your identity into someone who does this and so I'm going to share with you module four this takes some trust on your part because I've been through this. I'm hoping that you rely on your trust in me to walk you through creating space because once you have this roadmap that we've created with modules one through three, well now we got to look at your feelings and we have to really start incorporating some science-based understanding of some ancient practices to multiply the impact of the work that you've done up to module four so I guide you through this module with extra care.

This is where a lot of lawyers in particular will hit resistance and like I said, this is where I hit a lot of resistance too because it was the least tangible to me. It made the least sense to me, my practical lawyer thinking mind that this is something that would work for me. So that's why I teach the science behind meditation and visualization so that you can feel really grounded in how it works. First, when I really understood the practicalities of how this worked for me and how it would work for me, I think that really helped me do the work in sitting still, which is incredible work for anyone who's a doer, right? Like you just think you need to be doing something all the time to achieve something. But when we take moments like this, when we create these practices in our lives, they really help create the space that we need to to dissolve the stress from our body on command.

Now, it sounds like magical pixie dust right now when you're neck deep in files, but this is really transformational when you do the work and once you get to this point in the program, you're going to know that this is truly important work.

You're going to discover the differences between visualization and meditation. You'll learn how athletes use visualization to reach the results they need to. When I walk you step by step on how to create your own personalized to create the results you want in your life. And we're going to blow up the myths about meditation and understand why we tell ourselves we can't meditate. And as a trained meditation teacher, I will walk you through short meditations to get you started and teach you how you can make it as easy as possible for yourself. So once we've gone through module four, and remember I'll be doing a live weekly coaching calls with you.

We get to module five and that is choices. I call it the “stress be gone” module because now once you've conquered modules one through four, you are going to be prepared to see how your actions fully impact your reality. We are covering what it means to be 100% responsible for our actions and how our brain perceives our world. And once we understand how our mind is processing our circumstances, we're able to change our reactions to the world around us. This module is key and understanding the stress response our bodies have to our day to day work. It's also the key to controlling it. So how would it feel to have more control of your life? Pretty Awesome, right? Discover the difference. You're going to discover the difference between reacting and responding to your circumstances as well as the benefit you're getting from each one of these choices we learn in this module, how to reframe our thoughts to respond intentionally to even the most stressful situation.

So how many times have you been in the office, in court and you have someone in your face, you have someone who totally out of the blue reacts in a way that you would not anticipate. That is not a nice way. Well in those instances we have a choice and after we've created space in our lives, we are working from alignment with ourselves. It makes it a lot easier not to react to those kinds of situations. So I'm going to teach you using the thought cycle, how you can actually change your thoughts and respond intentionally and you're going to get practice while we're in there. Cause there's going to be worksheets in there to help you with this. I'm going to teach you the safe acronym and that is going to keep you alert when you fall into old habits. So if you join the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap, I teach you all about that and then you're going to understand your biggest stress triggers and the interpretations that they stem from.

We never really can move past our triggers until we really understand them and we start to just feel them.

They don't necessarily go away. Our thoughts are always going to be triggered by something in the world, but at the same time, once we start understanding them and really working with them hands on, it takes away some of the charge of them and so we'll be able to create more space between how we respond to different situations that might be stressful. And then we're also gonna get that handle of those triggers and master those responses. Module six of the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. I focus on relationships and I found that this was an important module to have because some of the most challenging work we will ever do is in relationship to other people. And this module really focuses on your relationship with yourself and others, whether we're talking about difficult coworkers, clients, or your partner or other family members.

You're going to learn how to spot patterns in your behavior that undercut the results that you want.

So if you've ever snapped at somebody that you have I know I'm guilty of this, then you will want to go through this module. I'm going to incorporate earlier lessons on the thought cycle to show you how to change unwanted patterns. And I know that if you've listened to this podcast, you've probably heard me talk about the thought cycle, but we really go into it more in depth in the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. I kind of skim the surface of the thought cycle. And I think that going through this this coaching, this Lawyer's Soul Roadmap coaching is going to give you new insight onto your behavior, into your behaviors and how you think and why you're getting the results that you want. So this way you can break those patterns in your relationships.

When you really understand this, you're going to be able to implement my personal journaling strategy. And that's going to help you not only spot patterns and so that you can take this moving forward. You're not going to just, you know, be doing this one and done right. You are going to take these changes in your life, the shift in your identity and your, we're going to continually work it in your life. And this journaling strategy is part of it. It's part of coaching yourself. It's part of recognizing your thoughts even when I'm not there for you. So you're going to be able to reinforce your identity and connection to your new road map that we created in module three using this journaling strategy that I teach. And you're going to be able to reconcile your big dreams and begin trusting yourself to accomplish them while understanding that you have the same amount of hours in the day as everyone else.

And somehow you are beginning to create more in your life.

It's gonna feel really amazing!

And you're also going to understand what it means to take full responsibility for the results that you have in your life and how that really impacts your result. So let's talk about this. Let's talk about the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap because it is a big decision. It's a big time commitment. It's a big energy commitment. And when you're making a decision like this, it's important to know why you want to do it. What is it that's really itching at you? What feels off in your life right now? Because so many of the people I talked to who consider joining the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap or have joined the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap, they think about where they could possibly make the time for this to happen. And like I said in module one, I already share that with you.

Like I walk you step by step on how to create that time, but I think a mindset shift needs to happen before you even enter. I think you have to know that this is what you want, that you know that you need change in your life. So I want you to imagine what kind of change you want in your life. What is it that you want more than anything else and why do you want it? Is it the freedom that you're going to have? Is it the way you believe you'll feel once you have it? And what is that feeling? I want you to feel that in your body right now. Is that something that you can taste right now and because if you can visualize that, if that's something that really touches you in a way, like your heart and you just need a path, you just need someone to help you step by step, get there, then the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap is for you.

If you're not ready to commit, if you're just kind of like, that sounds Nice, that's neat, then it's not for you. And I'm not looking to drag people into the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. I want people who are committed to themselves, who are committed to creating change in their life, who know that there has to be a better way, who know that this is something that could be truly transformative. And I want you to know that if you're thinking about the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap, that if you are on the fence at all, that I'm here for you because I want to talk to you. I want to know if you're a good fit for the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. Now there's some things that I talked to you about. I could talk to you about the bonuses that there are exciting.

I always add bonuses and these promotions cause I feel like those are fun and just these fun little cherry on top things. And so I'm always going to have bonuses in them and they might change from time to time. And you can see the latest bonuses but I really want to talk to you about the commitment that you have to yourself and do you find yourself committed or do you find yourself just following through on your commitments? You don't make time for yourself, you don't see the importance of it. Now, if you see the importance of it, then obviously this might be a good step for you, but if you don't see the importance of it, I don't know why you listen this long, but if you're listening, I want you to reconsider. I want you to think about where you spend time on you, where you're investing in yourself, care where you are, creating time to think about your dreams.

What kind of goals do you have? Where are you going in your life or are you just waiting until you retired a really live?

Now, if you are thinking about the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap and you're wondering whether or not this is something for you, then I want to talk to you and you can email me [email protected] and I will set up a time to chat with you. Maybe we could do 20 minutes just to chat, see where you are right now and go from there.

But if you are ready for yourself, if you are ready to really commit to changing something in your life to reaching that goal that you have, whatever it might be, I want you to really look at this. I really want you to think about this and if you have any questions, any lingering thoughts about it, I want you to go to [email protected] and email me or you can just go to the website, I am looking forward to seeing you in the Lawyer's Soul Roadmap. I'm really excited about this. I love this program. I love what it's able to do. I love that people respond to it the way that they do and the change that it makes. It makes me feel amazing. I'm getting to do this, getting to be a part of the shifts that they're making in their lives. So if you are interested, you've got the links, and I will talk to you in the next podcast. Bye.

The Lawyer's Soul Roadmap, lawyer burnout, burned out lawyer, Dina Cataldo, lawyer coach, coaching for lawyers, lawyer stress

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