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#62: Perfectionism Unraveled with Travis Baird

Today’s guest is someone who has a lot in common with lawyers even though his career took a very different turn. 
He is a recovering perfectionist, which I know so many of us can relate.
We have a far ranging conversation about designing a life that includes more ease, but we focus a lot on perfectionism.
Travis Baird is a classical musician turned yoga teacher turned mindfulness and productivity coach who has a lot to say about perfectionism as well as the need for mentors who can guide us through difficult moments where we’re tempted to let perfectionism prevent us from acting.
He followed the path of being a perfect student just like many of us high-achievers, and he followed the perfectionist path in which a single wrong note would get you fired. How’s that for high pressure?
He holds multiple degrees including one from the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins, which has produced Pulitzer Prize winning composers, musicians for professional orchestras like the LA and New York Philharmonics and grammy winners.
Now, in addition to being a musician, he teaches high achievers to slow down and become more mindful to become more productive. He runs Mindful Productive where he is a coach to ambitious entrepreneurs.


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