Q&A: Ask Me Anything with Dina Cataldo

This Q&A: Ask Me Anything was incredibly fun to record.

Thank you to those of you who asked questions. I'll do more of these in the future, so if you have questions, ask them below, and I'll add them to the next Q&A: Ask Me Anything with Dina.

This video is broken down by question and resources I mention when I answer each question to make it easy for you to navigate.

Let's go!

“I find myself exhausted at the end of the day. How do you get motivated to do what you do after working all day?” (5:06)


“I can't seem to get my side project off the ground. I start and stop. I have successes, but then I give up at times because it seems impossible. I don't have the time/money. Should I keep going?” (13:13)


“How do I make a decision about choosing between two business partners at work?” (29:18)


“How do you stay in control of your work (instead of letting the work control you)?” (37:26)


“How do you create discipline and confidence to create things like your podcast? I'm in a rut and need some inspiration.” (41:09)


“How do I find my next path? I quit my well-paying job because I want to run my own business. But nothing gets my passion out.” (43:00)

“How do I draw the line with clients who want the result but don't provide evidentiary support materials in a timely manner. I work late and am stressed because I think my reputation is on the line.” (43:50)


“How do you know when you've found the thing that you're meant to do?” (47:25)

“What resources did you need to start your business?” (47:40)

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