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#26: Mental Mastery: How to Take Back Control of Your Life with Jim Fortin

We're talking about mental mastery today with an amazing guest. 
He founded his company Mind Authority in 2001, and he’s privately coached and mentored some of the highest performing people in business, politics and global affairs. And, has shared the speaking roster with the biggest names in the industry, Tony Robbins, Dr. Phil, George Foreman, Robert Kiyosaki and 100s of other national experts.
While you're listening to today's podcast, ask yourself a few questions.
How do you show up in your life every day?
Do you feel like you’re at your best? That you’re contributing the way that you’re meant to?
Do you feel like you’re making the decisions and shifts that you need to make to live the life you really want?
These are the questions I began asking myself daily after I started working with today's guest.
I was fortunate to hear him speak on another online mentor’s podcastJames Wedmore’s Mind Your Business podcast – and I immediately resonated with what he had to say. I joined my guest’s Transformational Coaching, and I’ve made bigger leaps of faith in my life this year than I have in quite some time. I talk more about what I’ve learned from him in the podcast, and a lot of what he teaches is foundational to the work I'm doing right now.
I want to say this: Every single one of us needs a coach. Having someone draw out your thoughts with questions and really hear the words you’re using is transformational.
A coach can act as a mirror and allow you to see where you may be holding yourself back, where your thoughts aren’t serving you, as well as other blind spots.
Bringing light to these areas is necessary to make positive change. That's why I'm so lit up by the opportunity to coach people in my own business.
This episode is really more of a coaching session than an interview as you’ll soon hear. You’ll get insight into how my brain works, but you’ll likely hear some things that will resonate with you. 
Alright, let’s talk about my very special guest.
My guest today is Jim Fortin, and he’s a big deal. He’s creator of both the Transformational Coaching program I went through and the Sales Psychology Academy. Jim Fortin works with high achievers including a lot of entrepreneurs. James Wedmore credits Jim with taking his whole life and business to the next level. 
In this episode we just scratch the surface of what Jim teaches, and every minute is worth your time. 
I'd like to give a special thanks to Jim for being so generous with his time. 



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