Self sabotage Self sabotaging behavior self sabotaging relationship self sabotaging behavior am I self sabotaging my relationship am I self sabotaging a relationship how do I know if I am self sabotaging how do I know if Im self sabotaging how to stop self sabotaging thoughts how to stop self sabotaging how do I stop self sabotaging myself what is self sabotaging behavior what is self sabotaging thoughts what is self sabotage in psychology how do i know Im self sabotaging

#19: 7 Steps to Discovering (and Eliminating) Our Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Today we're talking about 7 Steps to Discovering (and Eliminating) Our Self-Sabotaging Behaviors.

What's self-sabotage?

It’s when we create problems for ourself to interfere with our own goals. We ALL do it, so you're not alone.

Maybe you have a goal to be in a committed relationship, but you get into multiple relationships to complicate your personal life, so that you can never truly commit to one person. There’s a reason you do this. You feel like you don’t deserve to be happy or you picked up the belief somewhere during your life that you’re “bad” at relationships and internalized it. When you do this, you cut yourself off from ever being truly happy because no relationship feels fulfilling to you. 

Another example of self-sabotage is when you have amazing results in your career or business, then you hit a snag or you’re not moving as fast as you think you should be, so then you become unfocussed or completely give up. Of course when you do either of these things, you’re not going to get stellar results. 

I'll walk you step by step today on how to discover your self-sabotaging behaviors and eliminate them.


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