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#14: Making More Time (and a Million Dollar Company) with Trivinia Barber

Time – we all want more of it. If you’re reading this, you’re likely a hard-working person, and sometimes you may wish there was a way to add more hours to your day. If only making more time was a thing.

Well…it is.

Why is it so difficult for us to ask for help when we need it? Sometimes we say it’s the money – we don’t have enough of it. Maybe we think we can do it better or faster than anyone, so we don’t want to hand a task over to someone else. Or maybe you’re like me, and felt guilty hiring someone to do something for you. Today we’re going to bust through these detrimental mindsets, and discover what we need to do to make the time we want in our lives.

My guest today is in the business of giving you your time back, and we talk about how she has worked through these very same issues and helped her clients to do so too.

Trivinia Barber is the founder of Priority VA – a boutique, virtual assistant agency.

You’ll want to listen in if you’re curious about the mindset of an owner of a million dollar company grown over just a few short years.

You’ll also want to listen in if you feel that you don’t know if you can start your own business because you have too many responsibilities. No more excuses! Trivinia started her business while raising and adopting 4 children with her husband.

And you’ll also want to hear her morning routine, which helped her lose a great amount of weight after she spent the last few years building her business and putting her health last. It’s pretty amazing!

Trivinia got tired of seeing hardworking, growth-minded entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and burnt our while scaling their business to the next level. She’s worked with the biggest names in the online business space including Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, and John Lee Dumas. 

Trivinia mentions some great resources in the interview that will help you make time, including a guide to get you thinking about what you can outsource in your business and personal life. You can get that here: 50 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant.


  • Get Trivinia's free guide to 50 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant. This is a great way to get your brain working to find out where you can outsource and make more time in your day for what matters most.
  • Check out Trivinia on Instagram where she shares tidbits about her day and family life!
  • I’ve also created a quickie PDF checklist for you that you can download that walks you through her morning routine that helped her lose weight if you want to try it yourself for any of your goals. Click here to get your free Morning Intention Checklist a la Trivinia.
  • Slack
  • Inbox When Ready – limit the time you spend in your inbox.
  • Use Loom – free screen recording software. You can create videos of your standard operating procedures, so you can show your team exactly how you like things done.
  • Schedule Once – This online scheduler allows you to share a link with clients where they can schedule appointment during times you're available. It also links up with your online calendar (including Google Calendar, which I love), links with Zoom for online conferences, and it sends clients reminders of your appointment.
  • Google Calendar

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